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Re: Polariod Transformations

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KPRS (kprs)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 16:08:00 -0700

rhem wrote:
> There are at least two books on this subject. The most recent is
> called "Painterly Photography" from Pomegranete Press. It features
> tons of photos manipulated this way, as well as a short,
> folksy essay by the woman who did the work on how she does
> it. There is also a book from the mid 1970s. I don't have the
> reference at hand.
> But you can also get a very useful publication on this from
> Polariod by logging onto their website and sending them some
> email.
> Good luck.
> James

You can also contact poloroid directly and they will come to your school
with cameras in hand and give a workshop to your art students. We had a
combined workshop with 3 highschools (handpicked students came to the
workshop)and they were given cameras to use for the day, and after a
workshop on photo manipulation, they went off, took shots, came back and
made art! It was great fun, spontaneous, and gave my students, at least,
another edge to their work. The next year, one of my art students who
had participated, used some ideas gleaned and added them into a painting
and was juried into a competitive show in part because of uniqueness of
the use of combination of materials. My only suggestion would be if you
choose any manipulation of poloraid images, to beware of chemicals
between the layers. These are not necessarily good for you, but do come
off immediately with water. My favorite goofy personal thing to do with
poloroids is to have my students (who have had me for awhile and live
with this nut)smash their faces up against the window outside of the art
room, whereby I take their individual pictures with the poloroid, and
then put them in those button things, so they look smashed when I wear
them on my lapel. Oh you know.....

San D