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Re: lesson ideas for 1st grade (long post)

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Gina Booth (
Fri, 9 Aug 1996 10:48:06 -0500 (CDT)

These are my lessons I do at start of year, as they are fun, easy, not
messy, and very interruptable for when I don't know the kids and have to
deal with any problems in classroom management with ones so small at the
start of the year.

DRY SHOW & TELL: I simply grab up alot of the art supplies and put in a
box to take to their room (I had too many problems with bathroom
accidents at start of year in past when I had them come to my room,
even with very close supervision and reminders before they came).
Anyways, I have them sit on floor in circle around me and I show them the
items, things that aren't too messy and how they are used.

Pencil(which end to held, what hand?pressing had and soft) , pen
(unerasible),eraser (show it) , gummy eraser, charcoal (draw a cube
and shade it) chalk (smear
it, blend a shaded apple) magic markers, colored pencils, etc. etc.
I end up with an 18" by 24" paper all full of little examples and
pictures and leave it behind on wall and make a big deal about how the
kids are to tell their teacher all about the lesson and what they
learned. (It is fun to watch them if a parent comes in, t hey love to
explain all that they learned)

When done and when extra time play a game where you pick up the item and
they have to say it's name.

WET SHOW AND TELL : More items, but this time watercolors, clay, tempera,
printing from indentations from meat tray, crayone resist, etc.

ART GRAB BAG: I collect at garage sales etc, examples of arts and crafts
items, (OK if broken). Kids are chosen one at a time to come up and pull
an item from my sack. Then I explain what it is.
For example - tie dye shirt (show how it gets tied up and dipped)
crochet square
weaving (a piece of an old rag rug)
scuplture (a little figurine)
knitting (an old sock I have with colorful patterns)
macrame (a corny owl wall hanging I have)
Do no more than 10 to 12 items. I have so many that now
I have a grade one sack and a grade two sack.

when done the kids all put them back in the bag. I then pull them out one
by one and we say the name of each item again. Then I go around room
and give selected children one of each to hold, hidden under their desk
out of sight (they love that). Then I do a little silly acting with my
empty bag and act sad and say "Who has my macrame?" The child with it
should hold it up then bring it to me. Usually if the kids doesn't know
he/she has it they can quickly tell when everyone looks at them. So I do
each object one by one, "Why has my weaving?" etc. This game fills up the
empty time. We usually play the game many times over and over and they
don't get tired of it! (Keep a list next to you of what was in your sack,
when the items are hidden under the desks you forget some of them and the
little ones aren't sure what to do when you forget it, I've had some
carry it out door, not stealing, just not sure what to do with it since I
forgot to ask for it!)