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Response from Mannheimer

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Ken Rohrer (kenroar)
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 15:49:45 -0600

Today I received a letter from Steve Mannheimer in the mail. I would like
the opinion of the listgroup to his response. Here it is:

"Thank you for expressing yourself so forcelfully in your letter to the
editor. I trust many folks will agree with you. Perhaps they, too, will
make their opinions known."

"However, I must say I was sorry to read that you feel for some reason that
removing Herron from a Web site was a good way to punish me- or perhaps
stop my brand of thought from reaching others. As you may know, Herron
employs many other people who no doubt agree completely with you. And, as
you may know, Herron has a committed art education department that trains
the art teachers of tomorrow. No doubt they will suffer."

"Of course, you must do and say what you believe to be necessary."

"One final thought: The art world is always the first to defend freedom of
speech and freedom of expression. The art world has embraced these ideas as
central to their mission. Why is it the art world seems to have one
category for speech that supports it and another category for a speech that
doesn't- or doesn't support the systems in place?"

"How can the art world claim to support freedom of expression if its
friends respond to criticism by removing Herron from a link on the
internet? Will this make sure that no (one) else is infected by my

"When the art world starts attracting right-thinking guardians of public
thought, I wonder if we're really going in such a great direction."

Steve Mannheimer

For those of you wanting to see the web page he was referring to, log on to Look under the Herron School of
Art in Indiana.

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