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middle school, again

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Bunki Kramer (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 10:53:10 -0700

A "talker's" doodle art project reminded me of a project I do. This project
has turned out to be a super PR project for the entire faculty and I do it
every other year. I'm always asked to repeat it EVERY year.
I make a list of faculty including custodians, food workers,
administration, etc. and a blank line beside each person's name. Students
who finish the preceeding project first, get to make the first choice.
Each student selects his subject and writes in his name in the blank. That
way, I always know who's doing whom. I also * names that were not chosen
the previous year so students might select these people first. Each
student is asked to make a large, enclosed shape in the center of paper and
using that TOTAL shape, enter in the teacher's name. (A lesson in
letter-forming applies here). They also must list at least 8-10 words and
simple pictures of things that remind them specifically about that person
(examples being: PE whistles, coffee cup, hat, glasses, tie, desk items,
etc.). Words cannot be "trite" but must be words like
"nice, sweet, fun, etc". Look for unusual words. Students quiz these
teachers about their likes, children, pets, hobbies, food, colors...without
letting them know what you're going to do. We all love a mystery! We
brainstorm examples. Good "vocab" study. These words-pictures are drawn
in. All leftover space can be repeating patterns of these word shapes or
diff. texture studies of pattern. When finished, they are signed and put up
in the faculty room for all to enjoy. At end of semester, students present
to their individual teacher. I've seen many teachers with one wall in
their classroom covered in these. It's a win-win project. Sometimes I
tell the students this is a good vehicle to use to make-up with a teacher
or for someone they don't get along with. I have seen this project affect
severateacher-student communications.

This past year I changed the format by having students ask their subject
for their 3 initials without explaining why (mystery, again). I have some
sign language posters in my room (you could use resources from your
library). We started the project by first using our own hands traced in
the center of the paper with the specific initials. Then words-pictures
were added much the same way but by popping out and around the hands. Wish
I could show you examples. I allow them to use a variety of
mediums...colored pencil, paint, black ink, markers (most choose markers
because of the boldness of the color). Balance words, color, picture
shapes. Sometimes I require the class NOT to use truly representional
colors such as skin-color for hands, blue for sky, etc. There are so many
things you could add to this.

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526