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Bunki Kramer (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 10:02:18 -0700

(After re-reading this, I thought I might send it out to the group. Maybe
someone whose's just starting to teach might find it useful.)
Boy, we could really "share" teaching experiences. I've been back in the
teaching profession for 7 years after (raising 3 children) and it took
about the first 3 years of the 7 not to get uptight and take everything show a little humor. If you don't have humor, you can't
teach middle school!!!! I also got several "specific male anatomy" drawings
the first two years until I calmly accepted them and tucked them away for
"mom's" visits to the classroom. I'm very strict now but it took LOTS of
TIME to learn "crowd control". I've also gotten very organized...special
thanks to another art teacher in the district...and I don't find my
supplies all over the school and room now. I made (with the help of the
shop teacher) blocks of wood with 36-cut holes to hold pencils, pens,
blocks to hold exactly 36 erasers, 36 E-acto knives, glue sticks,
compasses, etc., different normal-sized paper, and I save every cardboard
box I find 'til I find one just the size to hold diff. sized especially-cut
paper for certain projects. I spray these boxes diff. colors so they don't
look so cruddy. Crayola markers are also divided into warm and cool colors
which make it easier for kids to find. Right angles are hung on a big hook
(you can find big hooks sometimes on sale at hardware stores) attached to
my wooden desk so I can keep an eye on them. All the supplies are on a
moveable, large, (you can find them at an office supply place) 3-tiered
tray-desk right in front of my desk and I can see immediately what's
missing at the end of class. Students KNOW they can't leave my room until
ALL materials are found. Sometimes (but rarely) it may take 3 minutes of
their 5-min. passing period but it's always found. Once they know that,
they learn quickly to keep up with their stuff (and nothing gets stolen
either). I daily "bless" this teacher for giving me the idea! I also
cleaned out all my cabinets of anything I didn't absolutely need, and made
real thin shelves (just thick enough to hold a soda-can box) so everyone of
my students has their own "cubby" and box. (Occasionally, if the class is
more than 34, they share a cubby.) I have roughly 210-30 students daily.
They each make their own portfolio but they keep it in their cubby with
their works-in-progress and I don't have to collect anything til it's time.
It's also easier for those students who are absent...I just go to their
cubby and put handouts into their box for the next day. That way everyone
get everything and they don't have to bug me that important first 5 minutes
of the class. All this sounds like an "analyical nut" but it works and
keeps me sane. I also have a small walk-in closet to keep materials and
THAT room is a disaster!!! See, I am a typical, messy artist!!! Cya.......

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Road
Danville, California 94526