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Mon, 5 Aug 1996 00:07:02 -0500


I teach elementary art. All my classes are 50 minutes. Even the babies in
1st grade. The first 6 weeks is tough because they fall asleep when I have
them 2-245. They are so tired at the end of the day. We read, get up and
move around, and do more than one activity during the time period for 1st
and 2nd grade students.
The upper grades are no problem. I begin with a 10 minute warmup- get them
going, review, motivation thingy. Oooh like that word?! LOL Anyway, I
have group work involving thinking, drawing, collaboration, map skills,
etc. connected to what the unit is about. For instance, if the group is
doing a unit on museum education, I would begin the day with a folder on
each table. The group is to decide which pieces they would choose for an
exhibition and write a few sentences explaining their choices. Then they
would share with the group. OR- have them study a specific museum's
resources or focus. How could the museum best serve the school?
I try to get questions going that may or may not have right answers. These
are questions to get them thinking about art, the big picture, and to
focus. They don't have time to gossip when these short activities are in
Most of the time is spent on studio or reserach activities. Sometimes
there are small group or large group critiques which take up the whole
time. You will be amazed how the time flies and you'll be wishing you had

For more ideas visit my web page I have some
lesson plans with procedures for completion.

Oh yes, I read to my students books that are connected to the project at
the beginning of the unit and throughout the unit. No matter what age, the
students love being read to.

My focus for the beginning of this year will be museum education. Students
will begin to explore the purpose of museums, what kind of info can be
gathered, how museums work, what the different duties of the staff are, how
to purchase pieces, restore pieces, how connections are made. I will do
this with all grade levels. This will lead into a unit on Japan. The
Dallas Ft Worth area is gearing up for a grand gathering of Japanese
art/music/theatre/etc. The whole program is entitled Sun and Star and it
will prove to be very exciting!

I hope this helps Teri.

Lauren H. Killam