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RE:[teacherartexchange] teacherartexchange digest: August 10, 2010


From: DelPercio, Erin (erin.DelPercio_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Aug 11 2010 - 05:56:26 PDT

Hello artsy fartsy folk!
I have a challenge this year that is new to me. We had the elementary
transitions program move to my building. It's the kids that just can't
handle behaviorally being in a regular classroom setting. They are
split into two classes k-2 and 3-5. They also have a para in each
class. Anyway, they will be coming to specials, but for only 20 minutes
every 4 days. I'm struggling with what to do with these guys. First
like I said I only have them 20 minutes every few days and second, they
will be at totally different levels. Second graders can do considerablly
more than Kindergarteners. Any suggestions, thoughts etc would be so
Thanks to all and have a wonderful start to the school year.
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TEACHERARTEXCHANGE Digest for Tuesday, August 10, 2010.

1. Re: new year, new challenges, need help!
2. Off Topic - Recent new wave of Spam - "Hacking" into email accounts
3. puppetry + The Curse


Subject: Re: new year, new challenges, need help!
From: <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 9:18:34 -0500
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It sounds like you are very fortunate to have a job teaching art, and
with a supportive admin as well! You sound very excited and
enthusiastic rather than panicked.

When I switched from HS to MS I had never taught sequential grades
before; my HS classes were mixed grade. I knew the students had not had
very good art learning in the past, though they loved their former art
teacher (he was a very "happy hands" kind of teacher who taught a lot of
random, crafty projects). So the first year, I taught the fifth and
sixth graders almost the same sequential curric based on the Es and Ps
(though the assignments were different). That way I knew they would all
have a solid grounding for the following year, and it cut my stress for
planning two totally different currics. This list and The Incredible
Art Department were my best resources for ideas. I looked at all kinds
of lessons that would tie in with each unit, and I adapted lower grade
and upper grade lessons to suit the age group.


---- sarah k wrote:
> Hi Art Teachers!
> It looks like my part time art teaching job will be full time this
> year (wohoo!), teaching grades 2-8 at a small Catholic school in
> Quincy, MA.
> I have never taught grades two or three before, expect in a summer
> camp setting. I also haven't had some of the students (and I'm not
> sure if they had a licensed art teacher before). Three schools merged
> to one over the summer. We will have an awesome amount of class time,
> twice a week for 45mins and I don't want this precious time to go to
> waste! Currently, there is no curriculum I've been asked to follow, so

> like the past two years, I will be creating it on my own. I want to
> include the elements and principles, as well as appreciation. But
> mostly I want to provide the children with new, enriching experiences.


Subject: Off Topic - Recent new wave of Spam - "Hacking" into email
From: Judy Decker <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 12:17:30 -0400
X-Message-Number: 2

Greetings Art Teachers and List Moderators,

I know some of you have had the same thing happen that happened to my
Yahoo account a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, I had already removed
most of my contacts in that account. As far as I know, only one email
was sent out (sent to "undisclosed recipients" and to all still in my
contacts folder). I discovered it in my Spam folder on this Gmail
account several days later - and then checked Junk folder in Road Runner
Web Mail Online. I checked the header and it was indeed sent from my
Yahoo account - although I didn't check the IP. I logged onto my Yahoo
account, and it was in the sent folder. Nothing else was disturbed. Of
course, I changed my password - and everything else that had a similar

I did some Googling to see how that might have happened. I don't have
any passwords saved on my machine - and run all sorts of anti-spy-ware
software. My machine is clean. None of the forums/blogs gave any clue as
to how this could have happened - except that it was highly unlikely
that the account was hacked. A recent Lima News article mentioned a
mal-ware program that masquerades as a free anti-spyware program. Rather
than protecting your machine from Spyware, it grabs passwords and sends
to another location. I don't recall the name of the software now - but
there are false pop-ups that warn you your machine is infected then
suggests the user download the software for free to remove the bugs. It
is likely someone had installed that program (or one like it) on the
machine I used several days before the Spam email was sent.

The only conclusion I came up with is that a machine I used at another
location had some mal-ware/spyware stored that grabbed my password and
log-in ID and sent it to another location. If you do not log out of a
Yahoo account, the system can keep you logged into your account on that
machine for two weeks. I went into my options for Yahoo mail and changed
that to log me out each day (if I don't click Log Out at each session

If someone actually hacked into that account, it seems to me they would
have done more damage - sent out more emails. Only one was sent and I
didn't discover that until several days later when I dumped my Spam on
this account (I always check the Spam folder before deleting - just in
case wanted mail has been sent there). I was not even home when the
email was sent.

So... word to the wise.... Be cautious about using your email accounts
on machines you do not control. Be sure to log out each day - or each
session when you do open your email.

Thank you to moderators who understand and do not remove list members
for something they had no control over. This same rash of Spam is
happening in all Yahoo Groups. I don't remember now if I have seen many
posts to Getty list. I recommend Moderators contact the individuals off
list to notify them. They may not know the Spam was sent (if they don't
have a lot of contacts in their mail program).


Judy Decker

(As always, Getty members, remove my email address before you click
"Send" if you post a reply to this message).


Subject: puppetry + The Curse
From: play2cre8 <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 01:00:02 -0400
X-Message-Number: 3

I absolutely love this song/story by Josh Ritter... and never thought to
look at the video. It might be something to share with students...
the NPR link has the video, a couple of stills and an artist statement

Enjoy -

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