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RE: [teacherartexchange] Nam June Paik idea


From: LetsartAndy (letsart_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Aug 24 2009 - 07:44:17 PDT

Nam Jun Paik is a Korean and he passed away several years ago.
Lasrt year Me and my students had some fun and interesting art project of his video art and performance.
And indeed we had a great exhibition in famous art gallery and we have got great review.
We had three different project according to their age group.
For younger children, we have used founding objects and boxes to creat their own TV Monitor.
And let them create and or draw the portrait of Nam-Jun Paik. Some children even made some monitor fuzzy effect.
If you want to I can send you some photos that you can look at.
Secondly, Older kidshave created TV-Video robot made out of boxes and founding objects..such as old CD, various bottle caps for robot's
eye. This was a group project so they made much details.
Thirdly, these kids have reviewed some perfomance video done by Nam-Jun Paik from YOuTUBE.
At first time these kids felt strange and akward by his performance specially watching the scene of smashing Violin.
But we have talked about it and I have performed first and let them try it. Suprizingly kids have enjoyed it.
After different groups have performed differently I have made 5 min video wirh techno music back ground.
And we placed the computer monitor on Robot and played.
It looked awsome.
Here is one of our video that I made from children's performance. I hope it can give you some idea. If children are older enough let children
to use MS moviemaker to create their own. Simply place the computer monitor on the belly ot head of the robot and computer on the leg. Play them in loop.
I have some pictures of the projects and if you need it please let me know that I can send them to you through email.
Good Luck~!!!!
Andy Lee frm Korea

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> Subject: [teacherartexchange] Nam June Paik idea
> Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 09:41:41 -0700
> HI. I haven't used Nam June Paik as an artist motivator but then I'm
> not familiar with this artist and had to look the name up on google. I
> do have an idea for you. In fact, I was thinking of doing something
> like this for the coming year. I went to our district warehouse this
> summer to see if they had some old surplus file cabinets and book
> shelf (which I could spray paint for my room) . While there, they had
> stacks and stack of old surplus computers going to the dump. I
> confiscated a couple to take apart for the insides. Years ago when I
> went to an NAEA convention workshop, a college teacher had done the
> same thing and had his students make wearable jewelry with the wires,
> mother boards, etc. All you would basically need are the parts, wire
> cutters, and "nail glue" from the hardware store. Think of the
> exciting adventure and brain rush of finally taking apart one of those
> contraptions that seems to be taking over the entire whole. I need to
> check into the safety factors first though.
> Here is northern CA we had RAFT...Resource Area For Teachers...which
> many companies donate to and offers junk, unused items, machine parts
> for pennies on the dollar. I go there once a year to "shop" and get
> wire, sponge parts, office machinery parts, paper, ribbons, plastics,
> you-name-it. Most states have such places. You should check into
> recycling areas around you. is a good start. I put in
> Boston, Mass. and a lot of good stuff came up. Google for places near
> you. There's places out there...especially around a big city like
> Boston. Toodles......Bunki
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> On Aug 21, 2009, at 5:48 PM, wrote:
>> Hi Bunki,
>> I have been following you for some time-you have such great ideas.
>> Have you used Nam June Paik as a motivating artist for art/video/
>> technology lesson
>> plans? I have middle schoolers in mind.
>> I am giving this so much thought and looking for feedback.
>> Thanks,
>> Barbara from Boston
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