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Re: [teacherartexchange] Seven Period Day Advise Needed


From: Dobbelaere (dobbe_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Aug 18 2008 - 14:46:27 PDT

That is my schedule I teach everything Ceramics I & II Photogrphy Arts &
Crafts Intro and Adv. art. & stagecraft. we are divided into two semesters
but they still give me a ceramics class then a adv art where we are drawing
or painting and then back to ceramics never can they be together. My kids
will wedge oned day then build or throw the next I usually assign proj for
the semester and they have to complete before the end I may teach five
kids the wheel and help someone else with a hand built proj. I have the
kids take a pic of thier house and recreate it in clay. they have to draw
it first to scale then trace these on the clay to keep the scale I show
them different tech for creating windows siding and then at the same time I
may jump back over to a wheel student. I give a 10 minute warning that way
some will start the clean up and they are all responsible for there space
and if finished help a neighbor , some kids come in an work during study
hall and some stay after school ,if I am also. It is hard to get much done
in that amount of time I also do attend ance half way thru class and the
evil princ. I have had the last two years (He is younger than my kids)
follows my students to the room to inform me who was tardy!! give me a
break. This same man is telling me that I cannot order glue bottles and
paint brushes because they are not consumables the kids don't take them home
with them. What ever!! they consume them and by the end of the year glue
bottle are clipped or cut and brushes are not that great either by the end
of the year , he asked me what I use leaded stained glass is for I said
to make stained glass pieces and jewelry, I have 25-30 per class and a new
batch in the spring . Do all of your supplies for your room come from your
student fees ? Mine always has until this new guy came last year. The other
art teachers in our district still order that way but he wants me to request
the non consumable items from some other fund ( never had to do that don't
know what he is talking about) I have taught for 19 years here. Wow you
will probaly miss those long periods that would be heaven in the art room.
Sandy Dobbelaere
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From: "Sidnie Miller" <>
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Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 1:14 PM
Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] Seven Period Day Advise Needed

Hi Joe, wow, 45 is even shorter than ours--53 min. If it's a new assignment
and kids don't know what to do they need to sit and listen. Normally if
they're already started they should enter the room and get their work and
get busy. I take roll after they are started--usually around the middle of
class (altho admin doesn't really like this). I give them a quick time
toclean depending on how messy the work is. For pottery it's always a zoo
because I have big classes (43 on my rolls!!) and one sink. When they're on
the wheel I have them quit 15-20 min. early to get their splash pans washed.
I have bath loofas to clean up with (they're super) and brushes for their
nails and hands and I usually go back there for the first month and hurry
everyone along. I also help them when they get behind. I never pass out
matierial--I have them ready and they go pick them up. Consequently I have
to get organized with supplies during the last part of the previous period.
I have 6 tables that are 4'x8' and then a small table in the center for
supplies. My desk and drawers are a supply station. My chair is a movable
table. You're going to hate it at first, but you get used to anything

>>> <> 8/15/2008 11:49 am >>>
Hello All,
I teach high school and my school is going from an eight block schedule
where we had four classes a day that are 80 minutes long and we meet ever
other day, A day and B day. To a 7 period day were classes are 45 minutes
and we see the students everyday. I have never taught in this kind of
schedule so this will be totally different for me.

I teach Ceramic and Fundamentals of Art class so if you have made this
transition or teach with this type of schedule please pass on any
suggestions you have on how you run your class. Suggestions on lecturing,
handing out supplies, cleaning up or any time saving advise would be really

Hope everyone new school year is starting off great.

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