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Re: [teacherartexchange] getting a job


From: Anne Verrier Scatolini (avscatolini_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Aug 16 2008 - 15:41:01 PDT

how adaptive and adaptable you are...exactly what the creative
process teaches! We must be focused on processual teaching and
On Aug 16, 2008, at 1:18 PM, Patricia Knott wrote:

> often questions come up on these lists about job interviews
> I was just cleaning up my "books" getting ready to return to school
> in another week and found these interview questions. I am an art
> coordinator K-12 and these questions came from one of my most
> favorite elementary principals and one of the best at making good
> judgments about teacher potential. I don't think she would mind if
> I published her questions.
> 1. What is your educational background?
> 2. Describe some characteristics of an effective art teacher?
> 3. What did you do to prepare for this interview?
> 4. What are the 3 most important skills or ideas all students
> should learn from an art curriculum?
> 5. How do you know students are learning?
> 6. How would you integrate communication skills in the art program?
> how do you make connections to other learning?
> 7. What kind of behavior pushes your buttons?
> 8. What is an effective lesson? ( Example of objective)
> 9. How do you deal with the diversity of types of learners in a
> class ( When and how would you differentiate a lesson?)
> 10. How do you teach problem solving in the art curriculum?
> 11. Talk about your experience with technology
> 12. What would you say to a parent that challenges the way you
> teach? ( how do you communicate with parents)
> 13. Who has had the most influence on your thinking and
> philosophy? and why?
> 14. What do you uniquely have to offer the school community?
> 15. Is there a question you wished we would have asked and didn't?
> 16. What questions do you have for us?
> For those of you struggling -- keep your eyes open at this time of
> year. Often right before school starts there are resignations and
> additions to be made. LAst year i had to hire the day before school
> started.
> I will admit I am not a good interviewer. I get caught up in
> portfolios and evidence that the teacher has skills and knows how
> to bring results from the kids in open -ended problem solving.
> Sometimes I don't "hear" the bigger teacher questions. But I must
> say that I have interviewed many many and most times what turns me
> off is the art candidate who can't "focus" on the question and gets
> all wrapped up in art stuff that make principal eyes glaze over.
> I did a lot of hiring last year and I'm very proud to say I got
> some great people. If I had to make a bottom line it was ENERGY,
> and genuineness. We all look for a professional attitude and the
> ability to answer all questions without big hesitations. If I had
> to pick one quality I think all teachers need , it's the ability to
> make decisions on the spot. I do this a zillion times a day. If
> you can't express that quality in an interview, then I have to
> question how you respond to 25-30 kids all asking questions at the
> same time.
> Be smart- know all the current jargon. Show that you will do
> anything. Focus on the teacher skills. It's a tough market and it's
> a crap shoot -- really!
> I've been in interviews with principals where everything focusses
> on management and interviews when the art is really a concern. It
> doesn't matter which way it goes -- they are looking to see how
> adept and adaptable you are.
> Patty
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