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[teacherartexchange] staff development for the arts


From: Gabrielle Bliss (Gabrielle.Bliss_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Aug 07 2008 - 17:21:35 PDT

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some GOOD professional development models for staff development for the
arts. I work in a pay for performance school and currently I have to implement a lot of
reading strategies and other things to "prove" that I am a good teacher and doing my work.
So, when I did the schedule last spring, I wrote it so that all of the arts staff (2 visual art, 2
media arts and 2 graphics teachers) meet at the same time for our "professional
development" time. Now, I would like to find a model where we could work on improving our
arts instruction instead of these building wide reading things. Anyone know of anything?

Thanks so much,
Gabrielle in Minneapolis
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Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008 8:06 am
Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] sketch/scrapbook

> Yes! I do the same thing and I try to get my Senior studio and AP
> students to keep some kind of daily book page, too.
> If nothing "comes to us" for the day, we just tear color swatches
> from
> magazines and create color pages----adding a little at a time i.e.
> I
> have a page for each color wheel color and add to them for months.
> Some
> of my kids even do pages of natural textures or black and white
> line
> images or school colors (yuck), etc. The collages become beautiful
> accumulations of these patches. Some students pattern them, some
> are
> random, some organize them, some cut out objects, some just use
> patches, etc.
> Marcia
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> From: christy hedman <>
> To: TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group
> <>
> Sent: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 6:38 am
> Subject: [teacherartexchange] sketch/scrapbook
> Lesa,
> Your scrap/sketchbooks sound wonderful. THey do remind me a little
> of
> the boxes
> of stuff ANdy WArhol collected. If you ever get to Pittsburgh, I
> think
> they
> have  them archived and stored at the Warhol museum(reciepts,
> napkins,
> sketches,
> shoes...). I would love to see how you attached those flattened
> glasses
> to your
> book. I guess the idea strikes me so much because it is a very
> personalreflection of your day/life. When an outsider looks at your
> gum
> wrappers, she
> only sees gum arappers, but you see what, who, where you were when
> you
> were
> chewing th
> at gum! For me, my art is made up of so much of my past
> experiences
> and it takes some time for them to reveal themselsves to me. But
> you
> have it all
> right there! It sounds almost magical. If you ever post them
> online,
> please let
> us know!
> Christy
> ---
> Another project relates to artist's sketchbook. I wish the sketchbook
> would work with me! It doesn't. So I've found one that does. I call it
> my
> stuff diaries.. its a cross between an artist's sketchbook, scrapbook
> (clippings), journal (sort of), travel diary.. etc. This started in
> 2002for me when I travelled to study in England, and it continues
> today.
> This process is a matter of filling sketchbooks, scrapbooks, old
> books,with common and unique things found, personal traces,
> wrappers from fast
> food I ate, receipts, family photos, from the mundane, pop culture,
> collages, etc. It seems to be an ongoing project.. This seems very
> unartistic, since the media is not traditional except for the
> sketchbook.
> I collect things in my pockets and bags, at the end of the day they
> areemptied, and later layer pages or begin new ones. It might have
> come to
> an
> end recently because I've been living in the same place for a few
> years,but it continues. I have some ideas about showing them, if it
> happens..Its a curious thing for me, and interesting to look back
> at the early
> books. The feelings or memories are different much more direct and
> surface
> quickly about the grocery sto
> res, the sidewalk, the city corner where I
> picked up the flatten glasses. Very different than say the photo
> album.I've become abit of a sketchbook/scrapbook hound as well so I
> peruse
> every
> dollar shop for them so I have many choices to begin a new book.
> enuf already, but thanks for the space to let some of this out.
> Lesa
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