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RE:[teacherartexchange] Your artistic processes


Date: Wed Aug 06 2008 - 09:10:31 PDT

Dear list members,
This subject has been on my mind recently, because the subject matter I
get into seem very diverse to me sometimes, yet I know they must connect
in some way; sometimes more obvious to me than others. And, just at this
moment its something I've returned to thinking about.

I rely on digital photo's for the most part when painting, not just for
reference but because I see things in the photos I did not see in the
place the photo was taken. The camera pics up light and colors differently
than the eye. I'm always carrying my camera with me and at times it is the
photo that catches my attention and I follow it, the notion or to
intersections with other media. I've been working this latter way for 15+
years now. Of course, the sense of there, on the land (my work engages
with landscapes), is something I carry with me through the senses and
mind, and for instance, through memories. I crop and grid the photo lazer
print to transfer sketch to canvas. Easy. Then I usually know the painting
technique I want to use, colors change though. For awhile now I have been
painting directly onto lazerprints (in different formats) with an acrylic
coat applied when using oils. I use acrylic paint as well directly onto

I have taken these ideas to digital video now too..
This is one project.

Another project relates to artist's sketchbook. I wish the sketchbook
would work with me! It doesn't. So I've found one that does. I call it my
stuff diaries.. its a cross between an artist's sketchbook, scrapbook
(clippings), journal (sort of), travel diary.. etc. This started in 2002
for me when I travelled to study in England, and it continues today.

This process is a matter of filling sketchbooks, scrapbooks, old books,
with common and unique things found, personal traces, wrappers from fast
food I ate, receipts, family photos, from the mundane, pop culture,
collages, etc. It seems to be an ongoing project.. This seems very
unartistic, since the media is not traditional except for the sketchbook.
I collect things in my pockets and bags, at the end of the day they are
emptied, and later layer pages or begin new ones. It might have come to an
end recently because I've been living in the same place for a few years,
but it continues. I have some ideas about showing them, if it happens..
Its a curious thing for me, and interesting to look back at the early
books. The feelings or memories are different much more direct and surface
quickly about the grocery stores, the sidewalk, the city corner where I
picked up the flatten glasses. Very different than say the photo album.
I've become abit of a sketchbook/scrapbook hound as well so I peruse every
dollar shop for them so I have many choices to begin a new book.

enuf already, but thanks for the space to let some of this out.

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