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Re: Re:[teacherartexchange] art room furniture


From: Holmgren (holmgren_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Aug 05 2008 - 08:45:07 PDT

Thanks so much to everyone who has commented on my question--I really really
appreciate the feedback. I think I am going to hold off on a decision about
stools for now, until I feel more certain. A number of things were brought
up that I hadn't considered--like kids falling off (they fall off the
chairs, too, and I have to remind many to sit on them approprately), and I
didn't consider special needs students........

I can sure relate to those who mentioned the awful scraping sound the chairs
make on the floor (I have a linoleum floor). My predecessor had put the
tennis balls on the legs. They sure did help--but aesthetically, I hated
them. And I got so tired of the continual question "why are there tennis
balls on the chairs?" And, when they started coming off and would bounce
all over the room. I think a box cutter is what was used--it was REALLY
hard to cut into them. Our cutodian finally took them all off, and put
something different on the bottom--almost looks like velcro, it doesn't work
as well, but better than nothing.

If anyone else has comments, I would still like to hear them. I thought I
could check the archives, but it seems really hard to try to find anything
there. I don't really remember any specific discussion on this topic, but I
know art room furniture issues have been discussed over the years.

An unrelated note--googling the topic, I got into the Getty archives, then
realized they are there all the way to 1995. Just for fun, I clicked onto a
date in 1996, and landed on one of my own messages--back when we had only
one computer in the building that was connected to the internet--and I had
to use that teacher's e-mail address--it was really hard to get online
there, we only had several phone lines in our building. Wow, things have
sure changed.

Mary H.

> Mary --
> I am fortunate enough to have a double size room (I know, it's
> incredible). One side I have set up for 3-5th grade and I have
> stools. The kids are able to turn and face wherever they need to for
> the lesson and I no longer notice the sound of the scraping of the
> stools on the floor, but sometimes visitors will point it out. Tennis
> balls would help! On my K-2 side, however, I have shorter tables with
> smaller than normal chairs. Our little guys are way too wiggly to
> handle sitting on stools safely, and some of the kids with
> disabilities would have difficulty as well. Although some children do
> often find unusually creative ways to sit on the little chairs!
> (which reminds me, when you are walking with elementary kids in a
> group or line, does anyone else feel like they are looking at the
> Monty Python skit about the Ministry of Silly Walks?)
> Liz in rural NY
> Subject: art room furniture
> From: "Holmgren" > Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 11:55:42 -0500
> X-Message-Number: 7
> I have been given the opportunity to order new tables for my art room. I
> teach K-2nd grade kids, and my room is quite small--a regular classroom
> that
> was converted to an art room years ago. I have been functioning with six
> 36" x 72" tables--that have functioned quite well in the space--I use 5
> tables for students and use the sixth table to set out supplies for the
> various projects. My tables are pretty high for the kdgn. kids, so I am
> thinking of adjustable height tables, but am going to stay with the same
> dimensions. I am considering asking for stools to replace the ancient
> chairs that I now have. What do others of you have in your rooms? Do you
> prefer stools to chairs?
> Thanks,
> Mary H.
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