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RE: [teacherartexchange] the rollercoaster


From: Alix (apeshet_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 19:15:43 PDT

Gheeez, I can feel the pain in this situation!!! Your new
administration sounds clueless. Can you and your colleagues get
together to come up with a solution that won't kill all of you with
needless room shifting and stupid rotations? I sense that if you art
teachers came up with a plan that worked for you, met the needs of the
kids and kept the parents quiet, your administration might do it your

Here's just my 2 cents worth...instead of you three teachers rotating in
and out of the room, why can't the kids rotate and the teachers stay in
their main rooms? Maybe the "ceramics" teacher can be rotated every 9
weeks so that all three art teachers get to be proficient in ceramics.

The way your administration wants to do it is wacko, fraught with
difficulties and has a high failure potential. You and your art
colleagues have to protect yourself - or you will all burn out with

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping you come up with a more workable
plan. Please let us know how all this madness shakes out!!

Ex-art teacher, current techie-weirdo

Alix E. Peshette
Technology Training Specialist
Technology Support
Davis Joint Unified School District
Davis, CA

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Subject: [teacherartexchange] the rollercoaster

Jesus, we are now back to trying to teach a ceramics program. The
latest is
that 250 parents called in complaining (duh), and now three teachers are

supposed to rotate the ceramics room. THis means that each of my
ceramics classes
might get to use the room once a week. Their work will sit there on a
for a week before they can work on it again. We will have three
teachers, 13
classes of at least 30 kids each, trying to create work and get it
fired. We
will swap out one day, one teacher will be in the room for
period, then she'll swap with me for the next period (use my room and
drawing or something) and then maybe swap out with the third teacher...I
don't even
know. Has anyone done anything like this before? I suppose it will be
working from a cart. I'll be teaching four ceramics classes and three
classes. The ceramics ones will get some time in the lab and then be
stuck doing
2D work or history on the days they can't get into the lab. I really
know how this is going to work. I feel sick about it...and I'm starting
school tomorrow night! Such bad timing. I was basically told today
that I
need to make it work because I was hired to teach ceramics and would not
have a
job otherwise. This is making me really nervous about next year. If
don't want the same disaster next year, they will most likely limit the
classes. Then they won't need me, and I'll be out of a job. The other
teacher told me that she could understand my concern because she could
see it
happening. I hate this rollercoaster. I just want to work in a good
have supplies and an art room, and stay there for a long time. Is that
much to ask for? I guess it is. I have no supplies either...just some
pencils that my mom picked up from Office Depot.

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