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Re: [teacherartexchange] First projects for the year


From: Judy Decker (judy.decker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2006 - 10:58:26 PDT

Hi Carol,

Here are some posts that were made last year.

Hi Carol,

Here are some ideas I have saved up....

From Carolyn Roberts:

Give everyone a card...maybe 4" x 6" up to 9" x 12"...whatever you have
handy. Have them fold it tent style. On one side they print their
name...and on the other side, they design a vanity tag about something they
like to do or something about themselves. go around the room and
they introduce themselves and then tell about their drawing...which can be
symbols, letters (8 only), or a combination.


Maybe design you own first day BINGO for elemetnary kids.

Here is a BINGO Idea from Marty Reid (the high school link is broken)

I just noticed there are six blocks down instead of five - so they
need one more space to BINGO going down than across or diagonal.

You could give a little "prize" for the first BINGO across - first
BINGO diagonal - first BINGO down - THEN one bigger prize for the
first full card BINGO. Then a small treat for all who fill in the
whole card. Prizes could be fun art supplies (like a gell pen- or
something like that). Oriental Trading company has lots of ideas for
cheapo prizes for something like this.
A post I made last year:

A good first day idea is for all to do a "piece of the puzzle". They
can work on their piece while you are going over the rules with them.
Doing the collaborative murals will give them the idea that they all
must work together - each one is important. You can easily do this on
the first day with a little prep on your part ahead of time. The way I
am going to describe it does not allow for creativity on their part -
other than choosing colors and patterns. You can have them pick out
their colors themselves - of give them color schemes slips (choose
from a "fish bowl" at random).

To make it go smoothly on the first day and get the murals done, You
could actually tape some roll paper up on the wall - project what you
want the mural to be onto the paper and trace the lines yourself (go
voer them with heavy black marker) Turn it over and grid the back
side, number each square - then cut apart.

You could have the kids do a portrait of the principle -- an Art Quote
or character words (large letters) - a famous painting (you can get
coloring books with line drawings of famous paintings - very
reasonably priced).

This idea as a first day project was suggested to the list by Michal
Austin (two years ago?).... and many have done it since. Don't ask me
how I remember that, I just do.

Here is the basic idea:

There is a more in depth lesson plan by Mark Alan Anderson linked to
middle school lessons (Collaborative Mural - on a Matrix).

Here is a file you can revise for a mixer - BINGO by Marty Reid:
You could give prizes for the first five across - first diagonal -
first down (there are six going down)... and have a bigger prize for
the first to cover all.

Here is an idea I liked to do the first day while I was going over the rules.
Personal Mandala
I made my own handout... lesson was not about religion... it was about
personal identity - hopes and dreams - values (more on character
education) - and it set the tone for the trimester. My lessons were
all about character education (although those details are not written
into my plans.... takes too much time to write it all down).

I am interested in adding on to the Art Night - First Day/Week of
school ideas.... send in yours to add to the page. Carolyn Roberts'
high school kids did the assistant principal - it was wonderful.
Little kiddles could do it with the drawing already done. If they do
colors and patterns, the result could be sort of Chuck Close like. You
could actually have three different murals. Get some parent volunteers
to help you tape them up onto the walls.

From Carolyn Roberts:

I did a lesson in middle school that went over great. I had the students
lay down on a large piece of white bulletin board paper...then they drew
around each other...then drew in the features and colored them. These were
displayed along the halls...especially before the first PTA meeting.

But another MS art teacher collected several large pieces of cardboard and
had some of the students do the same thing. So along with some of the
pictures posted in the hallway...she had the cardboard figures standing the
bushes outside the that everyone saw them as they entered for
either Open House or PTA.

Are you interested in ideas for a theme TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More )?

There are a lot of good ideas in Getty archives too. Enter Beginning
of Year teacherartexchange....First of Year teacherartexchange.....
first week of school....etc. Adding teacherartexchange to your Google
search brings up all sorts of topics we have discussed over the years.

Judy Decker

On 8/6/06, Carol K. wrote:
> I am curious to hear from other elementary teachers on what types of
> projects you do in the beginning of the year.

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