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Re: [teacherartexchange] Still needing more help...


From: Deb (surreal70_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 08:49:36 PDT

Also, Every day is a new day!(captain Obvious) View it that way and you can find the emotional energy to connect in a positive way. Deb/Kent

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Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] Still needing more help...

Stacie:<br> If you just take one day at a time, you will feel much better.<br>Otherwise, you'll feel even more overwhelmed and exhausted by the day's<br>end. As someone else recently posted, we've all been down this path at one<br>time or another. I find that when I'm perfectly candid and frank with the<br>kids, they listen. If I word my concerns in an "I" message and talk very<br>softly, I get better results. For instance, "I know that it's been kind of<br>chaotic the last few days, but I know, if we work together on focusing on<br>our work without excessive talking, we can accomplish alot." OR "I've<br>noticed there are several people who have worked hard, quietly and<br>respectfully. I thank you. There are others that have difficulty following<br>the classroom rules. I cannot allow the disruptions to continue.<br>Therefore, from here on out, these are the steps I'm going to have to take<br>the next time a disruption occurs" Then, list your steps on the
board as<br>you state them outloud and FOLLOW THROUGH whenever the rules are broken.<br>Call the parents--even if it is the first day of class!!! Parents back up<br>the teacher 99% of the time. Set the tone...this is YOUR classroom! I<br>always tell the kids on the first day that this is my "house" and they are<br>visiting my house each day. I expect them to act appropriately while they<br>are visiting my house. If I came to their house, I wouldn't put my feet up<br>on the furniture or use swear words......I'd respect their things and I'd<br>speak appropriately...(You get the jist I'm sure). The key is to be<br>consistent, fun-loving, and FAIR.<br>More later.....I've been at the hs all day putting away supplies and I'm<br>pooped! Hope this helps a little. I know the whole first time experience<br>can leave you shaking in your boots...but hang tough!<br><br>BF<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>----- Original Message -----<br>From: <><br>To:
"TeacherArtExchange Discussion Group"<br><><br>Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 9:04 PM<br>Subject: Re: [teacherartexchange] Still needing more help...<br><br><br>> Thanks for the advice. I have told the administration about my issues.<br>When<br>> I told the director about the girls on the floor, her eyes widened. She<br>said<br>> she'd do what she could, but I've heard that a lot. This is a brandnew<br>> school, so everything is in chaos. I have a feeling that the woes of the<br>art<br>> teacher fall to the bottom of the list. I also told her that I have<br>hardly any<br>> supplies. I got so annoyed that I went out to the store tonight to buy<br>pencils<br>> and large construction paper for my kids so that they can make their<br>> sketchbooks tomorrow and actually start learning something useful. It's a<br>charter<br>> school, so there is no union support. The administration tries to be<br>supportive,<br>> but they are stretched
thin as well. The students have to bring their<br>bags to<br>> my classroom. They don't have lockers yet, which is a real problem. I<br>can't<br>> leave them in the hallway because it is always packed with kids...too<br>> dangerous. Walkmans are strictly forbidden. I feel really limited right<br>now. If I<br>> was a seasoned teacher, I'd probably be fine and simply get creative...but<br>I<br>> don't have the energy to get creative. It's 10:02, and I'm just now<br>trying to<br>> figure out my lesson for tomorrow. I'm supposed to turn in seven lesson<br>plans<br>> by tomorrow, but that's just not possible. I don't even have my gradebook<br>set<br>> up yet because everyday I'm still getting new kids and new classes. I've<br>> never been so tired!<br>><br>> ---<br>> To unsubscribe go to<br>>><br><br>---<br>To unsubscribe go to <br>>

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