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RE: [teacherartexchange] Art Bulletin Board Ideas


From: Deb (surreal70_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 07:12:17 PDT

Renee , A couple of years ago a parent complained that an Escher poster I had hung had rolling papers on it and was therefore improper. The idea that these types of things promote something bad is silly and causes kids to focus on the improper instead of the beauty of art. I was also told by one individual that them Sistine Chapel was pornographic. I really feel that political correctness has gone too far. Deb/Kent

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Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 10:47:36 -0400

Subject: [teacherartexchange] Art Bulletin Board Ideas

Hi Group,<br><br>I know there are a lot of "newbies" here. I thought a good topic to<br>bring up would be Art Bulletin Board ideas....<br><br>Here is one that came across one of the other lists.<br><br>From Renee:<br><br>My students drew a huge picture of one of Van Gogh's<br>self-portraits (One where he is smoking a pipe) and<br>put it on my door, colored it in Van Gogh style with<br>oil pastels. Next they put a Santa hat on him (It was<br>December) Then they spelled out "Van Gogh's top ten<br>Christmas wishes". They then had to look up information<br>on him so that the wishes matched his biography.<br>Students came up with some of the following: An ear<br>muff that fits me, a good therapist, to sell more<br>artwork, a roommate I won't fight with.....They added<br>these to the door. <br><br>We came back one day to find our<br>door decoration down and a note that Van Gogh was on<br>out of school detention for a tobacco violation. The<br>note said if they wanted Van Gogh back
they had to<br>find the answers to the following questions regarding<br>tobacco and alcohol use. They had to turn the answers<br>into the counselor. (You come up with the questions - get with the<br>guidance counselor to play along).<br><br>We looked up the answers on the Internet and got him<br>back. I thought it was a cute way to teach both art and<br>healthy choices.<br><br>Renee<br>--------------------------------------------------------<br>Renee is also a member here - so I know it is OK to share this.<br>If you enter Art Bulletin Board Ideas in Google, you will find a link<br>to a page on Michal Austin's site.<br><br>Deborah<br><br>---<br>To unsubscribe go to <br>>

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