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Re: [teacherartexchange] Elementary portfolios?


From: Holmgren (holmgren_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 18:48:39 PDT

Do you include any information on the artworks in the portfolio--so parents
know what the projects were about? My colleague (who teaches 4th & 5th
grade--I have K-3rd) uses portfolios. She hands them back at the end of
each trimester, along with a summary sheet of some sort for parents. She
gives the portfolios to the homeroom teachers to hand out. Parents can come
and talk to her about them during conferences. It seems to work for her.
(Do the kids bring the folders back to art class? hmmm....I don't know about
that, will have to ask her.)

Another question: Do you display every classroom's work during the year?
I'm trying to visualize how this could work for me. I have 26 classes per
week. And, my goal is to display every child's work in the hallway at least
once during the year. I always pull out 4or 5 of the most successful pieces
from each class for a display (and keep track of which kids have had their
work up.) Then I give the rest of the work to the classroom teachers, who
generally put them up in or outside their room--which they love. I always
give them information sheets about the project to display with the work, as
well. I suppose I could still do that--and then have them return the work
to me...........forgive my rambling, and thanks for your feedback.

Mary H.

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>I am in 2 towns, 3 buildings, 4 classrooms daily, so while I don't have the
>number of students some of you do, I do have time management challenges!
>*L* I have appx. 150 K-6 students. Each class has a stack of portfolios,
>each with their names on them. I pass these out at the beginning of class
>(super quick & easy, cause I stack them by table). All work in progress is
>in their portfolios. I display artwork by class, and when I take the
>display down I hand the artwork back and students put them in their
>portfolios. I learned this method of using portfolios when I was student
>teaching - I had around 600 student then, and it was super easy to manage.
>For storage, when I was on a cart I had the classroom teacher store them in
>their classroom. In my own classroom I stack them, open side up, on a
>bookshelf. All artwork stays in the portfolio until the end of school (the
>exception being 3-D work, which goes home after being displayed). I create
>a color sheet which I xerox on 11x14" paper - these contain a color wheel,
>examples of line, shape, textures, etc. The students glue these on their
>portfolio and use them as reference throughout the year.
> I understand how it could become a logistical nightmare if you try to
> manage the portfolios yourself, but if you teach the students how you want
> them to use them the students will do an excellent job. They take
> ownership in their portfolios. I like them because when it's time for
> special exhibits (the ones where I choose the artworks) I can just skim
> through the portfolios and pull out the artwork I need. It always amazes
> me the excitement the students generate when I tell them at the end of the
> year that their portfolios are going home that day - and because they have
> a way to transport their artwork so it doesn't get messed up, wrinkled,
> smooshed in the bookbag - the students tend to hang on to them. Each
> person has to find what works for them tho - but this works for me! :-)
> ~Michal
> K-12 Kansas Art Teacher
>> Hi Michal,
>> I'm wondering how many students you have? How do you store the
>> portfolios? Do you still periodically display students' work? and then
>> put it back in the portfolios? Do you keep all their work in the
>> portfolios, or does some go home before the end of the year? I know
>> people talk about doing this, but having almost 700 students and a severe
>> lack of storage space, it seems like a logistical nightmare.
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