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Re: Anyone going to SCREAM this year? (Munch)


Date: Sat Aug 28 2004 - 07:01:17 PDT

MY students were screaming about the scream! I was screaming about the
scream! lol. They were all like little detectives, each having their
own view of what on earth someone would do with a piece of art that
everyone in the world would recognize. We had fun pondering the fact
that some art is so valuable that it is uninsurable, or is vulnerable
because it is so apt to be stolen or vandalized. We discussed the fact
that copies are sometimes placed in museums, rather than originals.
Makes you wonder what else you are stargazed upon in a museum visit that
is a COPY! I much prefer THINKING I am looking at the real thing.
My own papier mache chair, when I did the chairs with my students, was a
parody on Munch's Scream. The back of the chair is the curvy torso and
face. They eyes are bottlecaps, the seat is painted in the same colors
as the torso. The legs have feet on them featuring my bunions, haha.
Now you ALL know. The chair railings have 3 D icons with feel good
sayings on them such as a teacup that says, "sit down and tell me your
troubles," and others like a cloud that says "lighten up," and others
such as that. Kind of a therapy chair. I cut a hole in the mouth and
attached a back behind it that holds tiny notes that my kids can feed to
the scream if they are having a problem or fighting with someone. I
tell them that if they feed their problems to the scream they might go
away, haha. You can imagine that I accumulate a few dozen slips a
month. I never tell them that occasionally I dump them out to make room
for more, and I MIGHT just have to read a few. They crack me up but
sometimes make me sad, too. My scream chair sits on the back counter in
my room and has talk bubbles that are on the board behind it that are my
class rules. My guest book (for behavior) sits on it's lap.
All in all, it's quite a quirky corner that has evolved into a focal
point in my room. I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw the newsflash
that the Scream had been stolen. A lot of my kids came into my room to
announce to me (and hopefully be the first to let me know) that the
Scream had been stolen.

Linda Woods

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