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Re: And how about MUSIC relating to ART?


Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 22:21:48 PDT

I am a huge believer of music and art integrating! Below is a suggestion of
a great CD for Bearden and Jazz, as well as examples of how I integrate art
and music at the elementary level. (below and it is a little long...sorry)

The ultimate connection to Jazz and Romare Bearden....below is the link to
this on

Title: Romare Bearden Revealed
Artist: Branford Marsalis Quartet

The CD above was put out last year in celebration with the Romare Bearden
show at the National Gallery of Art in DC. Bearden took inspiration from many
jazz artists to create his own art, so here Marsalis pays tribute to Bearden by
putting those songs together on one CD. They even put one of the songs that
Bearden wrote himself on the CD! The CD liner notes have great color pictures
of the artwork whose titles coincide with the music, along with a great
overview of his career. I used it for the Harlem Renaissance lessons that I did
with my students.

I incorporate music into many of my lessons. When we study art from
Japan...I get some Japanese music from the local library, Australia...I found
dingeradoo music, I try to find some music to play in the background while the kids
are working. The music either matches the country or the time period of the
art we are studying, and when in doubt instrumental music. If there is a
picture of a musical instrument in a work we are studying, I try to find some music
that features that instrument.

I also personally play the trumpet and piano, so I have brought the trumpet
in and played for the kids during my jazz inspired lessons. (They cannot seem
to believe that I can do more than just draw...I guess that is probably why I
spend so much time putting music in my classroom) The music teacher also has
let me borrow instruments that she is not using and show them to the kids when
it has incorporated with a theme/continent/etc. I have many friends from
college who are now high school band directors and have let me borrow string
instruments and different instruments that they have from other cultures. Ask
your music teacher to get you in touch with your school system's music department
and see if they can let you borrow some things?

Our local art museum also has these things called "teaching theme boxes" that
they have created with teachers for use in the general ed classroom that
encorporates all different types of objects for kids to touch, look, smell, watch,
play etc. They include lessons in the box as well that ties the art to all
disciplines for you. They are available to check out for free for any teacher
in the greater Toledo area. They are made for Jr. High, but I have used them
for upper elementary and have worked out great. Ask around and see if you
have anything like that in your area.

My student's musical requests include Wagner operas a lot (pronounced Vagner)
 He did many operas where the music sounds like it could come right out of
the action films of today. (the Ride of the Valkaries theme of his is most
popular from the helicoptors landing during the movie Apocolyps Now, also if you
have seen Bugs Bunny's What's Opera Doc, Wagner is the guy who wrote the operas
that Bugs and Elmer were singing from) I also boght the music from the
soundtrack of the Bugs Bunny Cartoons (which is all instrumental) which kids get a
kick out of and helps get their energy up on certain projects.

Patti in Toledo, OH