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Re: Another Frustrated Mac Lover


Date: Sun Aug 08 2004 - 19:19:40 PDT

In a message dated 8/8/04 9:33:13 PM, writes:

<< I have a 1999 imac I love.

    I upgraded it to 60 mb and 256 Ram.

    I find that I have hundreds of lessons on my Mac that I wish were on my
Windows at work.

    I am almost driven to buying a laptop.

    Does anyone think Windows for mac would solve my dilema?

    I am thinking it would still be a mess.

    Brenda --- >>

I am sure others have told you is not the "platform" of your
machine that is the is the software you are using, what version,
how you are saving files, etc. I have a mac...wouldn't have anything else...I
have worked extensively with both PCs and MACs...I did a year and a half worth
of research before I bought my g3 going on 5 years
still does all the tricks I need. The only reason I am looking at getting
another computer is I am working this one to death and am afraid it is going to
go bust!

The reason I chose MAC over PC.....because of the flexibility! I can open
any file w/my mac provided I have the software. If I have a
toughie.....Appleworks (old Clarisworks) which I do not like as a word processing
application..but will open a host of bizzarre software applications. I also use Photoshop if
I have a graphic file that won't open. really is all in how you save the document. all PCs need that
little "tag" (can't remember what it is called) at the end of the file name .doc
(for word files), etc. That is the only difference. So if I am sending
something to school via e-mail or saving it to a disk for other's to use....I just
save it as blahblah.doc and will open on a PC machine!

One thing I have that a lot of people who use mac do use
Clarisworks applications.....although you can get Clarisworks for PC...not many folks
have if you have your files as Clarisworks (or Appleworks 5 or 6) then
just save it as an MSWord file (you have that option!) and make sure you put
.doc at the end of the file name!

Easy as Pie!

No need to buy a new computer! However...I will say...I hate the i-mac
sitting on my desk at is a piece of....blah blah blah! The darn thing
freezes up and won't burn my cd's...I haven't decided if it is a machine
problem or a server problem!

Good luck!