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Music History Resources - for Music Integration


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Aug 08 2004 - 10:31:12 PDT

Greetings Art Educators,

There has been an interest in music integration with visual art on Getty

Here is new "stuff" I am finding (all mainly for European/American music)

A poster for your wall for $19.95
(I will not be linking this on my site - but will put it on Art Stores on
IAD - not too exciting looking)

A Music History Timeline Poster (for (9.95) (I will put this on IAD Art
Your class will learn music history from 530 B.C. to the present day.
Colorful illustrations accompany the text to help children visualize the
information. (this one has more kid appeal than the one above)

Classical Music History Timelines on the Web (from Search Beat):
(I will not be linking this site - some of the links I checked were broken)

Stylistic Timeline of Music History:
has Birthdays... and much more.

Music History 102 - Internet Public Library - (crash course)
 site has been organized according to the eras of history

Infoplease Music Timeline (European/American - general):

Infoplease Timeline for the Performing Arts (has theater and dance):

Infoplease American Music Timeline:

Some of you may be interested in many of these other Timelines:

Rock and Roll timeline (goes back to 1700! up to 2003):
I tried to see if I could find out who Gary Lessard is (this is a personal
web site). It did have fun seeing what happened during the week of my
birthday - and I checked to see what happened Christmas week.
Kiddies will see who died from what - like drug overdoses and such. Explore
to see if you can use this with your students. I will be linking it up
somewhere (Comprehensive Arts page is a likely place).

See 50 Years of Pop (50s thru 2000) - for your own information - I will not
be linking:,6903,1207579,00.html

The Timeline of all Timelines.... in huge poster form (I will not be
linking) They say the English version will be ready
in autumn 2004 (elsewhere on the site it was promised in enter
your information at your own risk).
You may need a magnifying glass to read all the details on the chart.

All About Jazz - History of Jazz Timeline by Doug Ronallo:
I clicked to see what happened in Jazz the year I was born....
I will be adding this to my page on Jazz Music (if I don't have it already):
You will see that I have many artist listed on this page, too

Classical Works timeline:
This takes you from antiquity (harps/flute in Ancient Egypt) to 1900
I will add this to Comprehensive Arts page (if it isn't there already)

Recording History Timeline - relates to science/invention - by Steve
(I'll put this on Comprehensive Arts)

Media History Timeline
Media History Project - by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication,
Site may be linked somewhere - just not sure where yet.....
Hmmm...They list more Music timelines....

Historic American Sheet Music may interest you - for collage purposes: from Duke University

Cuban Music History - PBS site:
From Film on Buena Vista Social Club:
I will put this on my Hispanic Culture page (eventually)

For those interested - History of Country Music (our PE folks did teach
country line dancing one year - I guess I missed my chance then to be

LOTS of Timelines....scroll down to Cultural:
More timelines that you will ever need....not sure where - or if - I will
put this link...Maybe on Curriculum Resources page.

To see what my site has already - go to:
Art Education - click Timelines
Comprehensive Arts
Jazz music and Artists Inspired by Jazz
American History Links

Looks like if I keep at it - I will get enough for a whole new web site

Pass this information on to your music department, too. I am making no
promises as to how soon I will add links.... I will need to rethink the
Comprehensive Art page - Maybe add a link to Music History - Dance History -
etc. At least I have a start now....Happy surfing. Let me know which sites
you find most helpful... I only went through three pages of Google and that
was about all I could take for now.

Judy Decker - Ohio
Incredible Art Department (IAD)
Incredible Art Resources