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Re: Vocabulary Magnets


Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 07:31:21 PDT

Good thing I don't teach typing. Monochromatic, of course, not momochromatic. :o)

  Congratulation! What a wonderful idea. This is already a great list. I'll add:

  2.horizon line
  3. foreground
  5. middle ground
  6. landscape
  7. still life
  8. composition
  9. medium/media
  10. relief

  Anne C-H in Illinois

    Bone Dry
    Plastic clay
    Potter's Wheel
    artist's proof
      1.. Tint
      2.. Shade
      3.. Tone
      4.. Primary Colors
      5.. Secondary Colors
      6.. Intermediate Colors
      7.. Complementary Colors
      8.. Analogous Colors
      9.. Split complementary
      10.. Intensity
      11.. rhythm and movement, pattern(or repetition), balance
      12.. wash
      couch "kooch"

      self portrait









      hatching or cross-hatching
      blind contour
      Don't Name
      13.. Rule of Thirds
      F Stop
      Depth of Field
      Positive Space
      Negative Space
      14.. 1. Primary
       2. Secondary
       3. Complementary
       4. Analogous
       5. Earth
       6. Tints
       7. Shades
       8. Cool
       9. Warm
      10. Rainbow
      15.. Prehistoric
             Ancient cultures ie. Greek, Roman, etc
             Native American
             Pop/Op Art
             Photo Realism