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Cathy - what you will do is Fine Arts


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 07:28:34 PDT

> Mahalo, Cathy!

I think it is a hoot that the kids are already into the debate (smile).
You will have people argue and argue that ceramics is not art - hooey! I
told my kids that we were making sculptures that just happened to be
ceramics - and yes, many of them functional ceramics - but we called them
art. I told my kids we were going to rise above this "debate" and honor
ceramics with the distinction of "art". In my mind....weaving is an art -
and creating beautiful thing from fibers is an art....and so on. The word
"crafts" doesn't always get the honor they deserve - you will even see that
on the list at times when someone is looking for a craft project rather than
an art project. I don't want to open a can of worms here and start an on
going debate. Yes - teach them that these things are crafts and our society
calls them crafts.

We call African objects art yet they do not have a word for art in their
language (they have Beautiful and a word for Sculpture)....but YES they are
is indeed FINE ART - the art object itself is only a part of the art - My
ChiWara is a headdress that is part of the costume - that becomes part of
the dance - that is accompanied by music...and they act out the story....
African art is Comprehensive Art. We are just now starting to get the hang
of it. I can tell you would like to hear Henry Gates talk about this too.
I bought an African American art book just because he was senior editor.

Doing Fine Arts takes a long time to get the hang of it....Each year you
will work more to bring in all of the fine arts. Your first Fine Arts units
can be your art about Hawaii. The next year - bring in Fine Arts of another
culture - and so on. Bringing in music is one of the easiest things for you
to do if you have a good library near you. Ours has all sorts of music CDs
and tapes - music from all around the world. -music from different time
periods - different styles of music. Talk to your administrator with your
plans to make your program Fine Arts and see if he/she wants to keep the

>> So what is it that we teach?

We do them all - you are Fine Arts.
There might be some links on this page to help you:
I'll help you all I can - See if there is a local dance instructor who can
help you with some movement.
There have been posts to the list on Drama - project a painting to the wall
(maybe put up a white sheet). Have the kids act out the painting in front of
the slide....just one activity.

Aloha au ia 'oe,

Judy Decker - Lima, Ohio

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From: "Cathy K" <>
Subject: Is Fine Arts or Visual Arts or Art?

> Here's my question for the list: What is the art program at your school
> called or listed as?
> I looked up the national standards for Fine
> Arts and was surprised to find out that it consists of Dance, Music,
> Theartre and Visual Arts. So what is it that we teach?

> Mahalo,
> Cathy
> Honolulu, HI