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Re: teaching pencil shading-m.s.- See Ken's lesson


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 18:23:56 PDT

Ok Mike - I read your post again...since you are talking about a required
class....not an elective, I think I have more to add...

I didn't do a lot of pencil shading with my students because I wanted to get
a lot of different media in (I'm with Sharon when it comes to middle school
kids) - plus all of the art history and technology I could cram into twelve
weeks - Many of them the only time they would take art in their middle years
(my class was an elective - and in the end not even required). I really like
Ken's smudge shading lesson on IAD.
I think it is adaptable to middle school kids. I did a shells drawing with
my 7th graders in pen and ink (with stippling. textures and such) with my
kids at St. Charles way back when. For pencil shading - my "good" class (the
band kids) did a marvelous job with a still life project (we used tan or
gray paper - and added white pencil for high lights). My other two classes
would not have taken to the still life assignment - they just didn't have
the concentration of the "band kids" (I learned very quickly to love
teaching band kids! - we often did different projects as a reward). In those
other two sections, we did a basic shapes floating in space intertwined with
ribbons - sort of Surreal (very "Bunki-ish" - smile). They created some very
nice drawings and were very pleased. I showed them how to make the ribbons
by putting two pencils together with a spacer between. We learned a lot
about source of light - highlights shadows and making three dimensional
forms. We tied in one point perspective with the forms as well (although I
did expect perfection). I never did a "Pencil shading" project per se at my
former school because I had so many other materials available to me there.
Big difference in what I had for budget from the Catholic school to the
public school.

Good luck to you Mike (no need to reply to this Mike - we have chatted
enough today).

>>Also, how enjoyable, or not, is it for them.

Only you will know your kids...and it is up to you to make it enjoyable. If
you do the shells - talk about where shells come from - give them something
they need to know about science maybe or something they will find
interesting....I left all of my shells at my former school ....wish I would
have known someone might have a need for them. My shells all came from my
sister...I had plenty of stories to share about my shells. My shells were
used in my classroom when we drew our fish. I do have a sample drawing that
I did -- but what the kids did was so much better.


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Subject: teaching pencil shading-m.s.

> I'm interested in knowing how many middle school/junior high teachers
> pencil shading in general art classes. I'm talking required classes and
> electives. I haven't taught pencil shading yet and I'm thinking about it
for my
> 8th grade, but I have all levels of ability in these classes. Also, how
> enjoyable, or not, is it for them.
> thanks in advance
> mike sacco
> p.j gelinas jhs
> setauket, NY