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RE: Ellen--Re: packaging/book


From: Sears, Ellen (ESears_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 05:23:59 PDT

Well first my apologies to Alix because she privately e-mailed me for the
book info and when I went back to copy the links to the book - none were
there - OOPS -

I will try again -

the book is The Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns
Roth and Wybenga


the more I use it the more I like it -

I started the unit with nets of a cube (in geometry), nets to packaging
examples (intro to tabs), the next day I ran off a pattern and asked them to
draw the box (geometric solid and spatial visualization)... then I
constricted the pattern illustrating construction techniques... then a page
of four reduced patterns and they had to draw the assembled box - then each
table will get a full size pattern to construct to check - every night I
look through them and come up with more activities and assessments - lots of
great math to tie in if you are interested - soon to the Pringles Chip
Challenge and other packaging -

right now we are using Math Activity Tiles and Polydrons to work on
prototype (and conservation of materials... do they have to keep cutting the
shape out of the middle of the poster board?!)

The Pringles Challenge was set up by a teacher for national participation
(with registration this year by 9/5) - or you can do it within school -
Follow design specifications (size, materials) you have to send one pringle
chip through the mail - points are based on weight of packaging, and whether
chip was 'chipped' , 'split' and so on -


And thanks to Dawn for the connection to the Korean kyerankkuromi - will be
nice to share for the egg challenge.

here is a site I found describing more -

When I was mailing test pringle packages that some really young kids had
done over the summer, I asked the postal clerk what I had to do to them to
get them through the mail - they were really crude - she said when she
worked at one branch the entire 8th grade mailed eggs to test their
packaging -

I would love to learn more about the idea of the package as important as the
gift... we are starting to talk about what their finished boxes may be for -
what do you keep in a box - what do you keep that isn't tangible....

it's been fun - and as I was driving to a meeting last night I was
reflecting on the lesson and exclaimed silently that I have the best job -
playing and learning with out the traditional baggage - until I remembered
that a parent was complaining that the kids have too much art and they
really need more math, math, math - which was so funny - because I haven't
really done 'art' yet and the math teacher has been doing collage with the
kids -

long - sorry....