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Re: Organization Help Needed


From: The Austin's (whest177_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Aug 16 2003 - 22:58:20 PDT

I started an organizational system last spring that I am hoping will work. Gallon size ziplock baggies for feathers, beads, ribbons, etc. all those embellishments that students love. Punch a hole in the top and use one of those snap type keyrings to hold them together. One of my cabinets is dedicated to "throw-aways" - egg cartons, tissue rolls, styrofoam meat trays, etc. If it doesn't fit in there then I don't save it. This limits the amount of stuff of this nature that I save. I don't throw away much - large cardboard boxes get cut down into large pieces of flat cardboard. Another rule of thumb is to figure out how many you would need for one class (I'm still talking throw-aways) and save that plus a few extra.

I try to organize my supplies so they are together. One cupboard is all printmaking supplies, one cabinet contains paint and palettes, another contains fibers. If there are cross-overs I try to keep those cabinets close together. At the high school I am in an old home ec room so I have alot of cabinets. I store 90% of all supplies for my K-12 classes here.
K-12 Kansas Art Teacher

  Well its that time of year again and I am going through my teaching stuff and I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED. This is my fifth year of teaching and I am getting so much "stuff" that I want to use in the classroom or have used in the past. Its is getting so overwhelming. So this brings me to my question. Does anyone have any organization tricks or tips that they can share? What do you keep? What do you throw away? I am such a pack rat that throwing something away takes an act of congress. I go through this personal debate of I might need it, well you don't need it now, but I might, and you will regret it if you throw it away, but its in the way. Do you get the picture. If anyone can offer some jewels of wisdom on this topic I would really appreciate it. And I will probably print it out and it will become another piece of paper that I will have to deal with. Regardless thanks in advanced.


  PS. Maybe Queer Eye For the Unorganized Guy could come help ME.