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Re: help! large talkative class


From: Grace Hall (Grace_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Aug 16 2003 - 12:21:22 PDT

I tell my students that I will treat them like adults if they will at least TRY to act like them. I allow them to seat themselves on the first day. But I tell them on the first day that if I see that sitting next to someone in particular is keeping them from doing their work, I will move them. And I do that. What also works like a charm is calling Moma to tell her how much they are accomplishing in my class. One time I had to call almost every student's parent in my whole 4th period!!! I didn't have a problem with them again for months, and that was my fault for loosening up with them. You gotta keep your thumb on classes like that. Be consistant!!!!!!! Kids want to argue every point, but if you're consistant, there's not as much to argue about. I also tell my kids on the first day that they ALL have clean slates, and that they are the only ones who can mess that up.

Another thing you can do is read "The First Day of School" by Harry Wong. His concepts of positive reinforcement, routines and procedures, have helped me tremendously! If the kids enter your room knowing the routine, and follow it, it saves tons of problems from coming up. I'll admit that it doesn't work for every single child, but it works with enough of them to save you some grief, so that you can teach art! Good luck with that class! You'll get the hang of it!

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  Trying to nip this talkative class in the bud before it goes too far
  all 25 (8th graders) practically are good friends, am making seating arrangment to
  seat away from their closest friends, but class is so small they are still close
  together. (another 2 classes are similare but not quite as bad)
  What is the consensis on seating , Do most of you have seating chart or let
  kids sit where they want?
  I am adding a 10 pt to my rubric for diligent and consistent working on project.
  so they will automatically loose 10 pts if they were talking too much, or turned
  around , getting up during projects.
  Any tried and true ideas, I just don't believe it is possible for them to sit by
  friends and still have an orderly class?????
  THanks for any advice, my 2nd year, when will I learn!!!? ---