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RE: Aesthetics


From: Jeanne Voltura (jvoltura_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 14:28:22 PDT


Aesthetics is an important word or idea to think about when teaching art or
anything visual. Aesthetics is a word that refers to beauty and pleasing the
eye...we all have different notions of what does that on some level...the
word is used in reference to pleasure often...i.e. "Her art work is
aesthetically pleasing." I believe it is a word that is associated with how
we perceive things on a personal basis...which is also somewhat controlled
by society...or by the styles which we are all given as the standard or norm
at any given time...So, the aesthetics at the turn of the 19th century...and
the aesthetics now, are different and also one in the same because our
aesthetics now are fed by what has come, that is a good thing,
because that means that the collective styles of society and what is
aesthetically pleasing are always changing and encorporating the past yet
creating new aesthetics hopefully...I also think that if you are aware of
this as a creator, you can make things that throw out the negative aspects
to aesthetics of any given time and create a positive aesthetic meaning
something that is pleasing or creates a positive change to the visual
communicative understand your personal repsonsibility as an image
maker (artist) who makes a new personal aesthetic, you have the
responsibility to understand all the styles and why they were developed in
the past to better create for the future...aesthetics are also always open
to re-definition in some fashion and in relation to the human
form, aesthetically pleasing is pretty much fixed now...but it changes
slightly and gradually based on the economics of the time period. If there
is enough food, women should be thin (they do not need the food) in order to
be looked at as beautiful and healthy....if there is not enough food, then a
little weight means beautiful and healthy...

So, what importance does the notion of aesthetic really have in a classroom?
Well, we can educate people to understand that from time to time, what has
been considered aesthetically pleasing changes...and those changes alter the
world and the society we live in...and that it is the responsibility of the
artist, designer, or marketing person to think of how they can contribute
visually in a new and positive way to what is considered aesthetically

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Just a quick survey question - what do you understand as being aesthetics
and how important do you think it is in the classroom? I am running a
seminar later this week and my research has shown a fair few different