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Re: art supplies-elem


Date: Sat Aug 31 2002 - 08:23:41 PDT

I have to agree with Susan. I started with nothing and I spent a small
fortune just to get some supplies. For the first year an art teacher
teaches she/he needs to be supplied with a budget of at least $500.00... and
this estimate might be very scanty for another area of the country. Try to
find someone who will spot you some funding from their budget. One example
of this would be a "Principal's Fund", or other designated fund. I have
discovered that when they tell you that they have no money... what they
usually mean is that there are other things that they choose to put their
money into. There are so many different funds that a Principal can pull
from! Persist, because there is a way to DISCOVER some funding. Don't stop
hunting till someone gives-in. YOU CANNOT WORK EFFECTIVELY ON NOTHING!!!
When an art department is first created you must have a starting budget that
doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how many you are teaching. The
basics get very costly and they need to be realistic and fund you endeavors.
DON'T give-in... someone has an allotted budget that can accommodate you.
Believe me, I know that this is the case!!!

Wishing you the best...
Idus Arcement from Picayune, Mississippi (about an hour from New Orleans)

P.S. Let me know how this turns out for you, please!

P.S. P.S. I will give you a tip. If they let you have fund-raisers, then
sell candy (yes, I know, but I had to do it one year and it was very
lucrative). I hate the sugar, but they get it in candy and drink machines
anyway, and the kids love it! I still have money left over from that
excursion! I "cut-out the middle man" by getting candy in bulk from SAM'S
and sold it for the profit that I needed to stay afloat. It turned out to
be very helpful. So, please, don't give-up. E-mail me if you need to ask
any questions.
Idus Arcement

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> $3.50 per student sounds generous for elementary. $2.00 or even less
that a
> $1 per kid are typical amounts, as others can tell you. However, those
> budgets probably are not for a first year of supplying the art room, and
> teachers have supplies left over from previous budgets that help stretch
> along. If you are starting from nothing, you need more for paint brushes,
> bottles, scissors, colored pencils and other kinds of tools/ materials
that you
> will keep and use for several years. And you need to include storage
> in the budget if you don't have them.
> I don't have too much trouble with a sense of ownership/ caring for
> (except with pencils and erasers, which they seem to mangle.) We just
> that pert of the routine in the lessons, and students get the idea that
> whenever they come, the supplies are only going to be as nice as they
> them. You can number items to help kids be accountable if loss or
> seems like a problem. It does add a step to your management, but you can
> students count things and check things in.
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