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RE: disease/tragedy of the week


From: Kimberly Herbert (kherbert_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 20:02:22 PDT

I think we all need to keep remember the victims in a way that is
appropriate for our students and ourselves. I have a problem with one
day memorials and month long lets honor subgroup x nonsense. Reason -
because I think it marginalizes the group you are supposedly honoring.

I feel that the inclusion of many different cultures should be an
essential part of the curriculum and not forces. In the natural course
of my class (5th grade) just TODAY we talked about the history of 5
different Native American Nations, Celts (I explained I don't want
people dressing in my family's Tartan so I refuse to dress in other
peoples traditional dress because I might be accidentally
insulting/disrespecting them) , Jews (Literature book), China, Africa,
Catholics (RE: 1st adm. rights), Eastern Orthodox/Greece (RE: a
celebration I saw on a trip to Greece I was waiting for the pull out
teacher to show up and take her 14 students 15 MIN LATE), and Police
officers as heroes. What is really amazing is that most of this
conversation happened between 10:00 - 11:45 the only time I have to
teach on Thursdays. (They spend the rest of the day at G&T; Kids and
Cops; and Library.)

Kimberly Herbert

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Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 8:05 PM
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Subject: disease/tragedy of the week

mmm....I have been reading the postings re: September 11, Day without
(AIDS Awareness), etc...and part of me...just sobbs at all the sadness
in our
world...and part of me feels as if I should protect my students (they
youngsters) from all this.

Not to sound grinchy but we could be doing a project every day to
some horrible happening or disease awareness. I realize that so much of
stems from the socio/political/economic awareness of an artist....but in
end.....I think I have to go back to several earlier postings re: the
loss of

Someone on the list berated me for not wanting to do a lesson or have a
conversation with my students about September 11 (our school is having
very brief flag ceremony, moment of silence and readings). I have to
say, as
an adult...watching the news, reading the paper, difficult
for me sometimes. Ijust can't subject my students to that.

Does this mean that I don't think they can discuss this? NO...if it
up, we discuss it...but to borrow from Lawrence's Inquiry based
post.....I don't think I should bring it up. In all the days after that

horrible was mentioned by my students maybe.....2-3
times....we had a brief discussion based on the comments made...I took
my cue
from my students. Kids are so stressed by all this stuff...aids (we
talking about hiv in our second grade health curriculum), terrorism,
abductions.....I can't add to their stress level by doing lessons or
them to examine their feelings about any of these things unless they
it up.

I know...I will get letters......please....but I felt I had to say
 I suppose as the day draws near....I too am feeling the stress of I
suppose we all are.