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It's all Greek to me....


Date: Sun Aug 18 2002 - 07:51:02 PDT

Okay, okay, with school just a matter of days away at this point, I'm finally getting serious about figuring out just what we'll be doing this year!

At the middle school level, I have mixed grade groups of kids for 3 approx. 12-week rotations. While it would be NICE if I had separate groups of 6th graders, and a rotation of 7th graders, and one of 8th graders, it rarely works out that way, given the small school and how their core classes determine the rest of their schedule.

Since I have the same kids each year--all mixed together--I come up with a different "theme" for the middle school art rotation. Last year the theme was Colonial Arts and Crafts and it worked out quite well--they did some neat stuff.

This year (after much debate), I decided that the theme would be "A Timeline of Art" so we'll be starting the year with prehistoric art, focusing on Lascaux. (Bear in mind that I play fast and loose with themes--they're just starting points and a good way to incorporate art history and related art techniques!) The first projects will include charcoal drawings of animal skulls (I have several and the emphasis will be on achieving a nice range of values) and they'll also be painting animals (with acrylics) on rocks, based on the work by Lin Wellford.

When we get to Greek art, I want to focus on mythology with the idea of them reading myths and then doing a drawing on an "amphora"--which is probably going to be a red piece of paper cut into the shape of the amphora and doing the final drawing in black marker. But I'd like to do something else....

If I wanted to take the time (which I don't) I could have them do wire and sculpey figures of Greek gods....but I'd still like to have another project that's related to Greek mythology. They COULD do a painting or drawing to illustrate a myth but I'm like to come up with something 3D that would take no more than a week to complete. Would prefer to avoid papier-mache, because of projects later down the timeline that will use that.

Anyone have any good suggestions for a 3D project that would incorporate Greek mythology, do-able in one week or less?