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RE: 43 in Advanced Art Class/ Update


From: Kimberly Herbert (kherbert_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 17:39:25 PDT

     I would find out you your association rep is on campus and join if
you haven't. While Texas is a Right to Work State, and we have no
collective bargaining, they do have lawyers who can help you IF the law
is being broken.

        Last year our principal tried to get a class size reduction
teacher for 5th grade. The GT Cluster class was 21, the other classes
ranged from 22 - 25. She was told there was no class size reduction for
5th and up. Now it may be that we had to be over 30.

        Another suggestion, call the fire marshal (or have some
concerned friends call the fire marshal). The Richmond Fire department
was all over campus the first day of school checking fire doors, gates,
and rooms. Then they came back Friday (it was suppose to be Thursday but
they had pity on us, though most teachers looked like drowned rats after
dismissal any way I think Richmond got more than the 4" they said) and
conducted a fire drill to check our procedures. They are going to come
back sometime next week and do it again, this time some exits are going
to be deliberately blocked off.

Kimberly Herbert

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Subject: Re: 43 in Advanced Art Class/ Update

Hi all,
Thank you all for all your support and good ideas. I talked to the
"scheduler" who became very rude with me when I told her I would not
that many. Secondly, I talked to the vice principal, head counselor, and
arts director. They say they are going to fix the problem but it will
take a
week or so. I will pull in some chairs and make due for 1 week
down, etc., etc.). After one week, I will send the extra ones to the
First thing I am going to do on Monday is check everyone's prerequisite.
they do not have the prior class I will pull them out for that reason.
the 1 AP student will have to go. It is not possible to do AP with 1,
having 2.3, and 4's. When I go over the rules, syllabus, etc., they
definitely will be told that the class is a serious advanced class and
be treated such with a lot of work required outside of class.
I found out that the state limit in Texas is 30 and that they can go
over by
10% which would be 33. Anything over that is against the law! I won't
over 33.
I'm disappointed that the school counselors think Art is a dumping
ground. It
is a disservice to the students.
I would be interested in knowing if anyone knows if there is a number of

square feet that must be available for each student. I had heard this
from a science teacher but was never able to find out any more. If
knows how to find out the state limitations, let me know.
I'll update you at the end of the week. Everyone have a good week.
Teresa in El Paso