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Re: number of classes


From: Woody Duncan (wduncan_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 07:35:25 PDT

Colette in NC,

I can't comment on North Carolina, but I can give you my schedule
as an example. At my middle school in Kansas City, Kansas every
teacher has 7 42 minute classes and a 42 minute plan period.

Inorder to give students more time on reading and math our school
decided that everyone would teach some supplemental classes.
So, two years ago I was given two reading classes as you are now.
I also have had no background or experience. I protested loudly but
did a hell of a good job teaching reading. Last year each of us only
had one supplemental class. This year I convinced them to let me
teach a web design class so I have plan during the supplemental
hour and don't have to teach out of my area of expertise anymore.

A few years ago our school scheduled core teachers with two plans
per day. One personal and one a common team plan for team business.
Elective staff like myself never had team plan, we continued to teach
7 periods per day. Last year we convinced the core teachers to give
up the two plan periods to decrease their class size. Now everyone
has 7 periods. Most core teams meet together on 2 or 3 days of their
single plan now.

Lunches are during our 5th period classes. 5th period is longer.
We are required to take students
to lunch and pick them up (except 3rd lunch). We do not eat with our classes.
We are contracted for 25 minutes of duty free lunch time. If it is interrupted
we get to leave early (big deal).

I too am expected to be in the hall for our 4 minute passing periods.
My class size averages 23. I try to limit it at 24. It varies from 19 to 26.

District wide, we also dismiss early every Wednesday for each buildings
staff development. Each building plans 2 1/2 hours of inservice for
it's teachers on Wednesdays. We also have 4 1/2 day inservices
in the district for subject area inservice. I'm working on that now
for our first one next week.

                                        Woody in KC

A msg from Colette wrote:
> For teachers in NC. I am a first year teacher and I have a question about
> scheduling. I don't have a problem with the number of classes I am teaching
> in middle school. I have 6, 44 min. classes a day. But then this week, I
> was given 2 writing classes, 44 min each 2 days a week. That means I teach
> 6 classes a day Mon, Wed, and Fri. and 7 classes a day Tues and Thurs. My
> problem is that I don't have a break or a planning period between classes.
> I have to be in the hall for the 4 min. between classes. And, I actually
> have to take my 6th period class to lunch, eat with them and then take them
> outside for 5 min. Then we go back to class to finish our period. Isn't
> there some sort of law in NC that says that you have to at least have a
> bathroom break at some point?? Also, can they really expect me to teach a
> writing class. I don't have any experience in that area. If you don't have
> an answer for me, how would I find out?
> Thanks, Colette

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