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Re: Elements and Principles


From: Michelle Molnar (mmolnar1_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 13:32:42 PDT

I break my HS kids into groups. Each group reads about a different element. Then I put them into new groups with noone from their original group. Each person in the new group teaches their group about their element. Then, I put them into new groups of 6- each person in the group numbers off 1-6. On the board I write an element corresponding with each number. Each person is given a sheet of paper and told to draw, paint, etc. part of an abstract landscape on the paper using their element. After a minute or so, they pass their paper to the right and their group member has to draw, etc. their own element on the paper. They keep rotating and at the end, there are 6 artworks. Abstract landscapes where they keep adding onto what the previous person did using the element they were assigned. We discuss them at the end as a class. The kids love this and it gets the point across. Hope this helps! -Michelle
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  "Hey everyone.
  I am trying to develop a lesson plan that is a basic overview of the Elements of Design. This will introduce the elements without going into too much detail, and than we will go into each element more thoroughly throughout the year. It is for my Art I, high school students. Right now I am working on an idea of having the students make a poster that explains and illustrates each of the elements. What other ideas are out there and or what have others tried? Plus if you have any good websites that discusses Poster Design please send them along.

  Thanks for all the help.

  Hi joe,

  I use Artline:

  Sanford has a great site as well that I use:

  I go over the elements and principles using these sites and for this year I have ordered Davis' Exploring Visual Design for levels 7-12. I believe you can request a copy for review. I saw a copy at the NAEA and really liked the format.

  The other thing I do is have the students create a Power Point which has the definitions for the elements and principles (as they have definitions from Artline and Sanford + many other sites out there) and has an example of a work of art that emphasizes that particular principle or element. If the kids don't have access to Power Point, you could possibly have them create a poster or a book that does the above.

  You can use the Power Points in class or hang the posters that the kids have researched and created.



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