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(about painting...long) kinders!


Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 15:50:15 PDT

In a message dated 8/3/02 3:14:00 PM, writes:

<< I am curious,

though, do you discourage mixing colors on the paper in general or is it

just for this lesson to teach them to mix separately? >>

I do discourage mixing on paper as I want them to learn some control and also
not make mud! I know...many of you will get upset by this!!! Please no
letters!! I do it for the same reason people teach the mulitplication
tables! My art classes are not experimental free for alls! The lessons are
flexible and allow for plenty of creativity. But my feeling is that the more
technical skills they have, the more they can give form to their creativity.
One thing I see...and I am sure all of you see it too, is that students have
these wonderful ideas...but are often unable to achieve them technically.
From my pov, there is a balance. Never would a math teacher write some
numbers on the board and say "See what you can do with these" (although it
might not be a bad idea if some of them tried it!). I would feel
irresponsible as a teacher if I just put paint out on the table and said go
for it. I do allow for lots of experimentation and exploration, but with