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MS- Sketchbooks LONG!


Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 15:17:58 PDT

         The sketchbooks I have my middle schoolers and art 1 (HS) make are
very simple. The main point I want to emphasize is that I have my students
bind their papers together with 1" tension clasps (rings). They punch 2
holes at the top of their papers with a hand hole puncher. I have them use a
piece of lined notebook paper(with the holes in it) as their template. This
allows them to "standardize" their spacing for all papers tand enables them
to add papers to their sketchbook with ease and swiftness.
         I spend the entire first week focusing on our sketchbooks. We
design the front and back covers, assemble them, and look at several
different examples of sketchbooks. I define how they are to be used for our
class and discuss how others use them. We draw in them, (MS also make
collages in them), we review terms, take notes in them. The second week of
class, I take the first 10 min to review what they should be doing in their
sketchbooks then move on to my lesson. The third week on they must be able to
work without my direction (or little of it). They have the first 5 -10
minutes to work in them before I begin with the days schedule.
         I collect the MS sketchbooks 2 times (6th graders) & 3 times (7- 8th
grades and Art 1-HS) for grading. 6th graders have 6 sheets of 12x18
colored paper. Students will have to draw on one side and collage on the
other (themes are given). A different color is designated for ea. week they
are with me. I give them a piece of manilla (or white) tag board for the
front and one for the back where they draw/design one side and leave the
other side for notes and their goal or objective in art class. By the end of
the 6 wks, they should have 8 pcs. of paper completely filled with drawings,
notes and collages. I grade on how well they fill up the space (quantity of
drawings within a satisfactory composition, neatness of the collage and
application of the theme and whether of not they followed directions). 7th
and 8th graders look a bit different. I have them take the 12x18 tag board
and score a straight line half way down the middle of the 18" side. They
then take 2 sheets of colored paper and fold down middle to match tag board.
Then they punch 2 holes in the folds of the paper the width of the ruled
paper holes. At this point they will insert handouts I give them to the
center of the booklet. The handouts I use are largely taken from "The
Leonardo Papers" where the elements and principles are looked at in detail.
The 7th graders focus on the elements of art while the 8th graders focus on
the principles and complete the exercises and place in their sketchbook.
When folded, their sketchbook consists of drawings/design on the cover
(wk1), drawings on a colored page (approx. 9x12) -front for wk2, -back for
wk3, front colored page for wk4 and drawings on back for wk 5. The center
should have the handouts- IN ORDER. the remaining colored sheets are for
drawings for the remaining weeks 6,7,8,9 respectively. Inside front covers
are reserved for notes.
         So in a nut shell- here it is. Hope it wasn't too confusing! They
have worked well in the past for me which is why I am going to do the same
this year with my MS class.
Kathy in Kalamazoo