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Heroes and "Sheroes" -- add your own


From: Patricia Knott (pknott_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 14:40:01 PDT

My list is based mostly on personal preference and I have few quotes, but
mostly regard for artists that I feel have made a leap and a bound or
displayed some kind of insight that led to a leap and bound.

He put a horse's butt right into our face.
He gave us the definition of Bohemian.

Artemisa Gentileschi
talk about overcoming obstacles and giving us hints of struggle within her

Las Meninas is considered by many to be the most important painting of all
time. All the multitudes of factors in that painting and what a statement he
was making.

The Ecstasy of St. Theresa perhaps the first "art installation"

paintings that take your breath and so much not known

J.L. David
The incredible skill, but mostly the power he yielded. He determined the
taste of an empire.
You can make a whole play out of "Death of Marat"

and then there is Ingres

My big time favorite. He disregarded the accepted and went into his own
mind. He gave us imagination and "blackness. "
The "Third of May is the most incredible painting. He truly gave us art as
social protest.

if you really study Picasso you can easily see his regard and homage to
Velasquez and Goya

I can't paint an angel because I've never seen one
He led us from Realism to the Modern

Art for Art's sake
He gave us compositions as titles
Who can deny how ultimately abstract his mother is
called "Arrangement in Gray and Black No. 1"

Against all the accepted he found his own way. Rejected and rejected he
continued on his path and became a "father" to the Impressionists. And I am
still kind of annoyed that the recent A&E production on Impressionism
trashed him a bit. He was the leader in a change of thinking and the one
they looked to.
He translated the "great tradition" into modern terms.

just because
I think he had a 20th century mind and oh so bad he didn't live longer

"to try to perfect what I do for the joy of reaching knowledge and truth"

my number one favorite because he gives only joy.
I think his use of color has been most influential in this century and an
inspiration to graphic designers.

I could go on and on but I'll end with
what incredible genius and inspiration to all artists that followed him to
ask the question
"is this art?"

Sorry this is so long but the question asked stirs my passions.
I could list more and more. I think it is so important that when we offer
historical examples the intention and breakthroughs are truly represented
and I urge you to delve beyond the textbooks.