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Ice Breakers/Energizers


From: croberts (croberts_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 19:47:36 PDT

I can't find my folder with all the info in it...did a lot of "spring cleaning" this summer...oops, that folder may have been trashed.

Here's some that I can remember right now....

1. On a sheet of poster paper, draw a large ice cream cone with least 4 scoops, using a marker. Label each scoop as a favorite flavor of ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Other

On first day, go around the room and ask each person what is their favorite flavor of ice cream. Put first names in the right scoop. This just tells you a little about each other.

2. Draw a large four petal flower with a center circle on piece of poster board. In the center, put the name of your city. If there is more than one town or city in your county, then you add the name of the county in one petal. Then in another petal, put the name of your state. Then in another petal, write "other states" or similar, then in last petal, write outside the USA. Then you go around the room and ask where each was born...write their first name in the appropriate part of the flower. You could create any kind of design with five sections.

3. Give each person a 3x5 card or small piece of paper. Then each two pair up and find out four or five questions about that person...such as, where they were born, how many brothers and sisters, any pets, hobbies, favorite foods...or any other information...maybe if they went somewhere special on vacation...and so on. Then they introduce each other.

4. One of my favorites was the "peacock feather relay". I would take my AA (advisor/advisee) students in the hall or do in the room (if large enough) and divide into two team. Set a limit for space to walk for the relay...across the room and back. First person in each line puts the peacock feather in the palm of their hand...walk to the end, turn around and come back while balancing the feather. If they touch it with other hand or if it falls, they go back to start and begin all over again. Try it...this is a lot of fun.

5. Also, another one I like...I would type up a set of questions with a blank at the end. Each person gets a copy of the set of questions and a pencil. They must go around to each other until they can find a person's name who fits each question...trying not to duplicate a name.

Sample questions:
A. Who has no brothers or sisters? ________________
B. Who was born outside the USA? ________________
C. Who has a hamster for a pet? ________________
D. Who has a more than two dogs? _______________
E. Who is a middle child? _________________
F. Who is the youngest child? _______________
G. Whose favorite color is black? _______________
  and so on, and so on....

They go around the room trying to find a person who fits the category....asks their name and writes it in the blank.

There are some sites: (good for school)


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