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Re: Digital Camera Help


From: Judi Carter (judihc_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 10:21:20 PDT

This was a string a while back and since I was interested in it, I saved many of the postings. The following are some of the recommendations made by members of this list. I hope that this helps.
Judi in NC

Try before you buy.....I am sold on the Sony Mavica now because of the ease
in doing Web pages (automatically at 72 resolution --and I can put all of
the image for one page on one disk). My Ricoh was excellent for image
quality. I got prints from it that equaled Xerox photo copies of images --it
was amazing. You have to decide what you are really looking for. I bought
the Sony FD95 (which does have higher resolution capabilities) in September
and sold the Ricoh (which still had higher resolution ---but I didn't have
an easy way to transfer the images to my computer at school--the Ricoh used
a cable). Judy Decker

...............the Fuji FinePix40i digital camera. This camera is about the width and length of a computer floppy disc and about one inch thick.
It is a super CCD camera--Fuji came up with a new charge couple device.
It has a macro setting that is unbelievable--about an inch away from
your subject---such excellent detail. The zoom is about average. No
interchangeable lenses. Runs about $550.00 or so. Eats batteries when
you have the LCD display on..use the view finder instead. You can get a
cord to run it off an outlet. Teri Brudnak

We have the Sony Mavica at my school also. I love it My district had an
online course in using it this summer and I had so much fun with it. You can
take standard photos, sepia colored, black and white and even short movies.
All saved on a regular disk. Jhirunrtx

I purchased the Sony Mavica MVC-FD83 digital camera from The Camera Club in December 1999. - home page
Sony cameras at this site:
I can not find the model that I purchased available now, but I did a search on The Camera Club site and this is what I found. Mine has the capability of the 5 sec to 15 sec movie image, but I find that I hardly ever use this. Once, my students did an introduction (of themselves) for a power point presentation and that's about the only time I've used it.
I don't recommend the FD-75. The images do not print out as clear, since the resolutions are not as high.
My recommendation would be the FD-87 or FD-90 if you particularly wanted the movie capability.
Either model would be excellent...$50 difference between the two. $499 or $549
............the FD-90 model has the memory stick capability along with the 3-1/2 floppy disk capability. With the memory stick, you have to have the disk adaptor to use. The memory stick will allow you to take many more photos without having to change the disk so often.
Carolyn Roberts

I absolutely love my Sony Mavica. I know it is not a super
mega pixel camera but it is so easy to use. I use the pics
mostly for web pages and power point presentations. I never
worry about storage space because floppies are so cheap.
I carry a marker with me to write the subject and date on
each floppy. I must have 200 laying around here. I have made
several 8 x 10 prints from the Mavica and the quality is OK,
but I'm sure the higher res cameras are better if you want
display quality work.
If anyone decides to get a Mavica be sure to get the
software Maview and Viewpix from

I have been using a HP 315 for a while and it works great. (about $269.) I
need more zoom and just purchased a Fuji 4700 Finepix for $469. from In store here in San Diego, Comp USA wants $799 for the Fuji. Mary

Get as many pixels as you can if you wish to print pic. My husband is sold
on the Kodak 4800. I have used two different Mavicas and love them (MV 87
and MV 90). But if you want high quality resolution for printing you only
get about 5 pics to a floppy.
The MV 90 has only 1.3 while the Kodak has 3+ I like the floppies for
work with students since each can have their own. The Whites

I teach Photography I and II using both digital and traditional
methods. We use Sony Mavica's and Panasonic digital cameras and traditional
SLR's. Reatha