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Respect -- "Pay it forward"


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 20:14:39 PDT

PLEASE all new list members take note....this will be important to the
"survival" of this list. When you get quite a bit of information from
list members -- do take the time to share it others. A recent video
called this "Pay it Forward" - call it what you want. Do take the time
to post the finished research somewhere on the Web -- Or at least let
those who contributed know when the report is finished. Several list
members spent a great deal of time responding to two requests from the
list member below (I have omitted the name to avoid embarrassment to
that person)

I guess it is a good thing so many of us are in "teacher mode" year
round. I feel I can bring this up because I was one who did not take
the time to post lengthy responses to this individual's requests (so I
speak for my colleagues who did) -- rather I sent the individual the
location of where they could find the exact topic in recent months
(even sent some e-mails from the past privately - including some of my
own from the past).

This list member has now "unsubscribed":

> Hi everybody. It's time for me to get back into teacher mode
> and out of summer mode, so I am leaving the list. Huge thank
> you's to everyone who took the time to help me with the
> various surveys, questions, etc. that I've been asking for
> responses to over the last few weeks. You guys were of great
> assistance all summer, and made my research much easier.
> Thanks for all the info, ideas, and opinions. Everybody have a
> great year, and see ya next summer!

We are all happy to make anyone's research easier. Research is tough
(I have been there).....Personally, I do not want to see members
unsubscribe. I would rather see them "lurk" (a word I don't
like....but). You never know when you might be able to "Pay it
Forward" -- Maybe someone will have the same questions sometime during
the school year? In my opinion, the best way to "Thank" the members
who have helped you is to use that information to help others when the
time comes. Our information is "free"....but if all want to continue
getting such expert help -- some respect is due. I know we will see
more folks come and go during the year --- get the "research" they
need and leave---but then I will be in "teacher mode" and will not
have time to post my concern for my colleagues on this list. You will
all be pleased to know that the requirements for joining this list for
the class I took fall of 1999 was to POST a lesson to the list and to
get a lesson from the list. I hope this doesn't open that can of
"worms" again as it is not intended to....Just want to get the
new-to-the list folks to think.. No one HAS to contribute. But not all
believe as I do that it is "better to give than receive"
(Sorry....summer time is my time to get close to God--got to stock up
for the coming year -- I may need a few favors from him).

Still working on the words...How about "Treat others as you wish to be
treated" (you know that golden rule thing)

OK...too long...just edit out the words that aren't necessary.....

Marvelous Monday!

Judy Decker