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Lesson Plans

DBAE- Need ideas on sharing resources

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 11:02:37 PDT

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    This list always comes up with good ideas! I am a die-hard DBAE-er
    (Discipline Based Art Education) and believe art can help students across
    the curriculum. I actually attended two grad courses on DBAE and took a
    third Graduate course focusing on art across the curriculum (World of Art:
    Visual Art). My question to you folks is:

    How do you get other staff members to use the resources you have purchased?

    Over the last nine years, I have purchased with both school money and my own
    money, resources that support the core curriculum. Last year I was bound and
    determined to get more staff members to use them (there is literally
    thousands of dollars in resources in my room!). I wore myself "ragged"
    delivering and then going back to pick up resources (yes, I know this was
    "above and beyond"...I am not complaining). I want some ideas from you on
    how you distribute your resources to the rest of the staff. My plan is to
    give the staff my year plan (as I have in the past) so they get an idea what
    units I will be teaching. I will put slips in the lounge for them to fill
    out and return to me in advance. If I have resources they could use, then
    they could come to my room and sign them out (I will put up a sign-out
    sheet). I think it should be their responsibility to pick-up and return the
    resources. Several were very good about this last year...but then
    others....(well...I know everyone gets too busy).

    Thanks in advance for your time,

    Judith Decker

    P.S. See folks....all of you thought I was so helpful over the summer. I
    knew you would do the same for me (tee-hee). Pat yourselves all on the back.
    As my friend Gina would say, "What goes around comes around." I have
    volunteered to help at the college for "The World of Art" next year as a lab
    assistant (that way teachers from other subject areas will have someone to
    help bounce ideas....and I will have free studio space...fair trade)


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