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Lesson Plans

Re: new teacher.....5-8th grades

From: sudz (sudz)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 20:38:44 PDT

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    Here is a quick lesson to get them thinking in different ways.
    I call it 30 minutes of thought
    1. Spend a few minutes in discussion, ask them what color they see in
    their mind behind their thoughts. Does this color ever change?
    How do you visualize the passage of time, hours, days weeks a year,
    your life...
    How high can your thoughts go? The ceiling the roof the sky...?
    Can you go around the world in your mind?
    Can you change reality?
    How? Color size shape?
    Are you able to have more than one thought at a time?
    This discussion can go on and on if you want you can use the whole
    period then assign the next part for homework. They all look shocked
    when I tell them they have homework in art the first day!!!

    2. Have them take a few minutes (regulate as to what you can afford)
    to write down as many thoughts as come into their mind in___minutes.

    3. On a sheet of paper(I sometimes have them trace the profile of a
    head),they are to illustrate their thoughts. Since many thoughts like
    music don't have a shape they should interpret how the music feels
    inside them. I stress that their mind does not have boundaries so they
    must have things "falling off the page", no labeling etc. just add
    your own rules to guide them to a good or meaningful composition.

    I'd love to see other teacher's great lessons for the first week or
    anytime posted her on the list. Wouldn't htat just make us fabulous?!
    I mean even more than we are now!
    A great year to all!


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