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Lesson Plans

Fwd: Thanks and follow up on "best practices" from original poster

From: Casart9197
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 20:13:00 PDT

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    To all who cheered me on, provided moral support, and reassured me through
    your own experiences and "standard paractices" , I extend my heartfelt
    thanks. I am a strong teacher, but I really dread ugly confrontations..they
    are so difficult to handle with grace. It is something I've dealt with a long
    time but is never easy or comfortable for me.
    Just to let you know, I considered your responses and decided it was in my
    best interest to give my principal a "heads up" about the problem. I wrote
    her a memo outlining the criticisms of Mr. Mat and my plan for addressing
    them, and explained my understanding of our current " standard practices"
    that she and I have arrived at ovewr the last 6 years- this will be my
    7th......and asked her that if she feel I need to "rethink" anything to
    please let me know because I wanted to be a team player and that if it came
    to her attention from him I may need her support.
    Not tattling, not asking her to intervene, just letting her know, so should
    he attempt to "report" me to her it is no surprise. She has expressed
    appreciation for my consideration of the fact that her time is at a premium
    by giving her memos about such matters in the past and generally operates
    under a, I'll leave you alone unless there's a problem philosophy. I think
    this should set me up for a smoother start up. Who knows, if Mr. Mat pushes
    the issue as he claims he will, he may insult her judgment of her staff to
    such an extent he pushed himself out of a job....more will be
    revealed......In the meanwhile, thanks again all.
    Now I've got to find the motivation to tackle those lesson plans !It all
    feels so overwhelming ! .....this too shall pass.....
    Christine in Binghamton


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