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Re: statement

From: Bicyclken
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 07:55:27 PDT

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    When I grade a piece of art done in my class there is more than the look of
    the piece, there is the intangibles such as effort, meeting objectives,
    cooperation, and attitude.

    Art class like any other class or life for that matter, it is not a given,
    and should not be playtime with no responsibility. We deal in problem
    solving in a higher order than some academic classes and should require that
    the student find solutions to aesthetic problems and not just be graded on
    their abilities. Who is to say that their abilities cannot be improved with
    practice and knowledge of the skills needed.

    My students can get a "C" for just trying and meeting the basic objective.
    The higher grades com from more effort and mental as well as physical skill.
    The real world employer is also going to reward effort and going beyond the
    basic objective of the job.

    Hang in there with grading art on its merit and not give everyone a "B"
    because they are in attendance.

    Ken Schwab
    San Jose CA


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