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Re: duty question-long answer

Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 07:06:42 PDT

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    Dear Terri
       If you don't have a strong union, and such duties are not delineated in
    your contract, then you are most likely obligated to do what the principal
    wants you to do. As yearbook adviser in my high school, I also receive a
    duty, because it is delineated in my contract. However, my principal and the
    staff, all wink at me, because none of them want my job...I then do duty
    when I can (It's hall duty),and if they are in dire straits and need me to
    cover a class (usually when there are no subs and we all pitch in), they ask
    me if I CAN do it, and if I can't because of a deadline, they understand. I
    always help when I CAN, so there is never a 'down' time. I have never been
    written up or reprimanded, and while some teachers may grouse under their
    breaths, I have never met anyone in person willing to trade places....yet!

      In your situation I would help as best as I could, bring portable work,
    and insist that I got the same teacher every time to watch their class. In
    this way I could develop a rapport with the class of kids, and maybe draw
    them into helping with the yearbook. I know from experience that there is
    plenty of 'busy' work, i.e. labeling, tagging, etc, that they could do, and
    then you could build them up as being part of the staff, and make sure to
    give them credits in the end. Who knows, this could be a win win situation,
    they get you to cover, you get more kids working on yearbook!

    As for not speaking up when this idea was initially presented by the
    principal,'s my motto about teaching "there are NO victims, only
    VOLUNTEERS"....all of us who were born to please (oh yes I am one) must
    learn to say no more often, and save our hearts/blood pressure/stomachs/and
    other aches and pains, as well as our families who have to live with us!!! I
    love teaching, and I love working with kids afterschool on yearbook, but my
    physical well being has been brought to my attention by my husband and
    doctor. I need to literally say no, or I will not live as long as I would

    San D


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