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duty question

From: Teri Mason (terily)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 05:41:02 PDT

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    Hey Gang,
      Well, they've done it! I'm really mad and I need to get y'all's
    feedback, so I can (maybe) put this in perspective. Yesterday, the
    aides in our K-5 school were called to the office with the special area
    teachers (music, pe, art-me). Now what we were told to do IS within the
    job description of an aide. We were all assigned to a new teacher's
    classroom and told that for the remainder of the year we are to report
    to that teacher's room at 2:45 and "watch" their class while they go to
    a training meeting on whatever. This is my second prep period, also the
    time that I do the yearbook and had wanted to start an art club this
    year (my 3rd year here, I finally know the kids well enough, etc). The
    music teacher stood up and said she had choir on T/Th and couldn't do
    it. I, foolishly, kept my mouth shut at the time and now I don't know
    what to do. We have a new principal, who is on a power trip, and this
    new "duty" is her idea. I guess she thinks that since we don't have a
    class for that last 35 min of the day, we don't do "anything." I might
    add that the only reason we (specials) have the extra time is that our
    school has a longer day than any of the other districts in the area.
    That is called the enrichment/tutoring period.
    What do you guys think about this? I feel like I'm being used as a
    babysitter! I'm thinking I will tell that teacher to bring her class to
    my room, along with their backpacks, ready to go, and they can do a
    design sheet or art enrichment. I mean, I'm an ART teacher, I have no
    desire to go (back) into the classroom after 10 years, even if it's only
    for one period a week. Am I being unreasonable?? Opinions, please!!



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