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Re: Curious about kiln firings and discipline

From: Amenay2
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 08:46:59 PDT

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    1. Most of our firings are during the day...will see this year since we have
    a new teacher in the room connected to the kiln room. Some we do on weekends
    but only if someone can check the kiln to make sure it is off...this is both
    with the computer and cone sitters. Have had a kiln sitter stick on
    me...luckily I was there and monitoring the kiln...but still over fired the
    glaze and low fire clay. Once we are in swing...we have to fire everyday to
    meet production needs.

    2. Making fun (ridicule/saracasm) of the teacher or any student is not
    allowed. If I catch it, esp. if it was behind my back...I stop it. I
    usually reprimand the student verbally (make it known that I am aware of the
    action) and ask them to see me after school for a excuses. No
    shows are automatically referred to the office for disrespect and failure to
    see me after school. Conscientious and responsible students will show up and
    we have a chat about respect, humor and crossing the line. I encourage my
    students to have wit and humor but to do so without being disrespectful or
    offensive. Usually things are okay after the first conversation and class
    goes on even richer with more kidding and laughter than before. Any making
    fun of myself or any student with sexual innuendo or total
    derision/disrespect is automatically reported to the office.


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