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Lesson Plans

Re: discipline models

From: LM Paris (paris)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 04:16:39 PDT

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    I agree that you should go to the coach. Sometimes you will find an
    extremely supportive coach and will help you out in ways that work
    wonders. It may just simply require the coach verbalizing the
    communication he/she has with the classroom teacher. When the students
    realize you are in contact with their coach and that their coach finds
    their classroom behavior unacceptable the students immediately change
    behavior. Unfortunately this is sometimes frustrating because they may
    change behavior due to their coach or love of a sport and not out of
    respect for the teacher or the subject. On the other hand, once they
    are behaving well they are listening and are likely to learn and begin
    respecting the teacher. It is just that initial break through that is
    vital. Granted, supportive coaches are not always there, but I do think
    you are correct in taking each situation separately. It could be a "life

    If you do decide to do a lesson using Nike, maybe you could set up a
    "game" and they could find out where Nike gets its name from. (Nike of
    Samothrace) Maybe make the kids compete against their peers to see if
    they can find the answer first.

    There is a whole story of when the company began and the first time
    someone starting the company used the name Nike (before the logo). I
    forget it right now, but I can ask the person who originally told me, if
    you are interested. Then you could compare the swish to the winged
    sculpture and the students could analyze why the logo was reflective of
    the name in a way they did not know. This could lead into designing
    their own logos. It may make for an interesting discussion. BTW, if
    you have a computer in your room, the CD the Louvre Museum in somewhat
    interactive and has great close ups of this sculpture, as well as many
    other artworks. I used it for an Egyptian lesson in the middle school
    an the kids loved it.

    Good luck.



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