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Lesson Plans

Re: discipline models

From: Batmom44
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 03:04:19 PDT

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    In a message dated 8/21/00 1:04:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, djash

    << the designer of the Nike swish made 7.5
     million dollars the first year his logo ran. His contract: every time
     his logo was used he got a nickel..... Oh ya! It's just art all right!!!
     And how great it is... in sooooo many ways! Wonder how much he's made
     since then???? >>
     Let's add: Picasso was a millionaire before he was thirty. Dali was no
    slouch. Look at Warhol. And what about Jasper Johns or Jackson Pollock? I
    don't recall seeing any of these people on wefare rolls. Well some did WPA
    but those were difficult times for everyone. Michelangelo, Rafael, etc. were
    as well known in their time as Michael Jordan today. And another thing....why
    is it that people think that all the thousands of artists that have made the
    history books did not make a living with their art? Think about it. They did
    not do anything else yet they fed their families, put roofs over their heads,
    and clothed their bodies. Frequently they did so in style. Look at Monet's
    home in Giverny. I think that documentaries have made the mistake of focusing
    on the first lean and hungry years of these artists and have failed to point
    out how they lived after they became successes. Whether being supported by a
    patron or selling work in a gallery, etc., it would be called "making a
    living". We just don't go to an office every day. I had a student tell me
    that that was her parents' definition of a real job! How sad.


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